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Jonathan Nadeau 09-20-2012 11:42 AM

one last problem with orca and xfce
Hello list,

Thansk for all of your help and suggestions. Here is my last problem. I
have all of xfce accessible except for two programs. The two programs
are Firefox and Thunderbird. When I go to the menu and open these
programs they open but Orca doesn't read the programs like they normally
do. I thought maybe the problem was that this version of programs for
some reason weren't accessible. So right now I'm running xubuntu 12.10
and I installed the gnome desktop where both of these programs are
accessible normally. I logged out and logg into Gnome and Firefox and
Thunderbird were accessible. Then I logged out of Gnome and back into
xfce and they both weren't accessible again.Does anyone have any ideas
of why this could be happening?

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