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Dave 06-17-2012 10:16 AM

User feedback for Xubuntu QA meeting on Sunday, 17th of June 2012
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Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 10:23:14 +0300
From: Janne Jokitalo <>
Subject: Xubuntu QA meeting on Sunday, 17th of June 2012
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Hi gang,

this upcoming Sunday (17th of June) we're having the first QA process
development meeting for Xubuntu flavor. As a new QA lead, I'm interested in
enhancing the way we're assuring that the product we're building during the
development cycle performs at its best, preferably even during the development.
For this, I'm looking to see assistance from all interested parties. That means
YOU, too. :)

For starters, we have already begun the refining of testcases [0] for ISO
images. There are other work items currently on-going as well, and you can
follow the progress of them at [1]. If there's anything you'd like to discuss
about, the upcoming meeting is a perfect, but not the only, occasion to do that.
At any time, you can address me or anyone from the Xubuntu Team about anything
you have on your mind by chatting on our development IRC channel [2] or by
writing to our development mailing list [3]

Other things relating to the quality that I'd like to see getting improvements
over this cycle are:

* Boot-time speed-up
* Compositor usage

Currently these don't have specific blueprints, but we can either do something
about that, or keep working on the issues despite the lack of such. We can also
talk about this in the meeting, provided enough knowledgeable people are
present. If not, I'll raise the issue with other leads with the outcome of the

The list above does not by any means limit the topics of the conversation, but I
do like to stress that this meeting isn't about adding new features or functions
to the product that we're building. Its aim is to find issues, viewpoints and
details that can be improved in the already existing components, or the
integration of them. The development team, however, is always willing to discuss
topics outside the scope of this meeting in our already mentioned forums, so
feel free to raise any issues, throw in wishes and hopes that you may have, but
please do it on any other time than during this meeting. :)

But without further ado, I hope to see enthusiastic people willing to contribute
to the quality of our fine flavor on Sunday. The meeting takes place on our
development IRC channel [2], and you can check the exact time at [4]. Welcome!

[2]: #xubuntu-devel @
[4]: T16&ah=1&am=30

Best regards,

Jaska (astraljava on


I'm a new Xubuntu user (switch from Ubuntu-Unity) and would like to try and contribute, I'm not a software developer but think I could help with feedback as a user on the quality of the product and the quality of my 'user experience'. I have a Lenovo Netbook and an AM64 3200 based desktop. I have 3 hard disks for my Netbook which I swap out to try releases and creating partitions on my desktop is never a problem. Here is some feedback on my Xubuntu 12.04 experience, I didn't want to clog Launchpad with things which are my opinion so this forum is probably a good place for the developers to pick up anything worth while or direct me to raise it as a bug/improvement request.

User Quality discussion points:

During the install here were no User icons to chose from, you can only take a web-cam snap shot. A few icons to chose from would be good.

The default screen saver and standby times are too short 10min and 15 min, it was unnerving for the screen to go blank during the install process. I have a particular HW issue that meant if a left the install unattended I could not recover from standby and had to restart the install process. I suggest screen saver 30min and standby 40 min defaults would be better.

In use on my Netbook it was noticeable that when operating from battery, my hard-disk spun down immediately after use. This made Xubuntu sluggish to use and also there was a worrying mechanical noise from my hard-disk every time it was needed. I'm not sure spinning down the hard-disk in this fashion actually saves power as the torque/power required to spin it up may be more that that required to keep it spinning at a constant speed. I would suggest a option is proved to spin down hard-disks or not with a time setting.

On completion of the 12.04 release install there were 108 updates to install ! This raises a question in the Users mind regarding the quality of the release ISO ? Are the ISOs for download maintained/ kept up to date ?

Xubuntu Product Quality feedback:

The current release failed to install properly “language support”. There was an error window pop up on reboot. I presumed this had been picked up during the formal testing.

I selected the encrypt home partition option during an install last week and although a window dialogue box popped up post install, this was behind the “language support” window and went away when I dismissed the “language support” window. I've not researched how to activate the encrypt home partition yet.

I had a crash post install of my Broadcom wireless driver, there was already bug report logged, added affects me too.

I would suggest a home partition is implemented as default during for the install.

I would suggest old N-1 Kernel images and related files are deleted during an upgrade. The “synaptic package manager” method to remove them is not newbie or family member friendly. Over a long period time they can occupy a significant amount of hard-disk space.

Best regards


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