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Charlie Kravetz 01-17-2011 11:25 PM

Stradegy Document Revisions - 2011
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As Xubuntu Project Lead, I intend to make revisions as necessary to the
Xubuntu Stradegy Document[1]. This is the primary document governing
the Xubuntu Project, and there are a couple of items I think need to be

1. We need to define how to choose a new Project Leader.

2. We need to update the target audience and hardware requirements.
As it stands,
"The target audience for Xubuntu is users who are interested in having
a modestly light weight, slim, fast desktop experience while retaining
the usability and functionality that is required to provide an easy to
use desktop environment. "

3. We need to decide if we need to organize a Xubuntu Council.

I am hoping to get a discussion started here, as there is no defined
time limit as in the meetings. I will ask you to remember, as written,
this is an excellent document and gives us great guidance. However,
parts of this can be better defined to make it even better.


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