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Andy Royer 04-05-2008 07:42 AM

Ubuntu LTSP Setup
I'm relatively new to Linux and I'm definitely new to LTSP. I've also
never posted in a newsgroup, but I've enjoyed reading the conversations.
So please forgive me, if I don't get this quite right.

Here's what I've done:

I bought a Wyse S50 with the intention of using it as a second machine
in my house. I'd already had Ubuntu 7.10 workstation on my laptop. I
decided to set it up as the LTSP server. I installed
ltsp-server-standalone which installed ver 5.0.39 of LTSP.

I gave my laptop a static IP and disabled DHCP on my routers, so that my
laptop would take over. I set tftp to run as a daemon.

When I turn on the diskless workstation, the Ubuntu Progress Bar comes
up and starts going across the screen. About three quarters of the way
across the screen flashes, the Ubuntu title disappears, but the progress
bar stays. Then nothing seems to happen.

If I turn the splash and quiet options off, I don't see the progress bar
and eventually I just see some green lines at the top of my screen. I
was hoping I could see some textual error message.

I have no idea why it stops or what to try next. I'm at my wits end and
hope that someone can pleas help. Any ideas? Anyone else get a similar
setup working?

Thank you.

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