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Patton Echols 11-19-2011 08:22 PM

System crash on wake up
I have 10.04 LTS running on my netbook. Current install is upgrade from
prior versions if that matters.

Situation: Following suspend by closing lid, when the system wakes up I
will get the desktop and running applications back. Then within a
minute or so, the system "crashes" There are several symptoms, not
always the same. They are:
-- freezes so no inputs work, only way to restart is to long press
the power.

-- screen blacks and goes to login screen
-- on return from suspend, entry of password is followed by return
to login screen, suspended programs are lost when returning to the desktop.

The programs that were suspended are usually thuderbird and firefox

I have run memory test from the grub menu through one complete pass with
no errors shown.

My immediate question is what should I be looking at when this happens
to determine what might be causing it. Would something log it? Where
else might I look for info?

Thanks for any thoughts.

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