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Shawn Pringle 11-13-2011 05:51 PM

Booting Problems
I installed Ubuntu and I am unable to boot back into Windows (from the
hard disk). Fortunately, I had created a boot floppy earlier and can
boot Windodws from there. I would like to link grub to ntldr or vice versa.

I had installed Windows on the C: drive before (IDE), and later
installed to the D: (SATA). This became my Windows I use everyday. I
never was able to get things working from the D: drive. Maybe it is a
bad sector?

The GRUB boot loader has an entry for Windows but it points to an old
install. When I select that one, it just hangs unfortunately.

The Windows NTLDR is or (should be)on the first partition of my SATA
drive and Windows needs help getting started on this as the drivers must
be loaded on a floppy during boot of the Windows (install/recovery) CD.

Ubuntu Linux is on the second partition of my smaller IDE drive.
According to my BIOS, it is the 'first' drive and so should be labeled
/dev/sda. The SATA drive should be /dev/sdb.

Should I just copy off some data from the boot floppy and use that
instead? How do I have grub boot using a file?

Shawn Pringle
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