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Karl Auer 07-03-2011 02:48 PM

Now the laptop
On Sun, 2011-07-03 at 09:18 -0500, Curt Tresenriter wrote:
> Just booted the laptop (ThinkPad T60 - Lenovo) to be greeted with a "fan
> error" message.
> Can I safely assume the fan died and go ahead and order one or does it
> require further looking in to?/testing.

Get the Hardware Mainenance Manual for your model. The fan is field
replaceable. If you smoke, if anyone in your house smokes, if you have
the machine in a dusty location or the machine is more than a few years
old, the fan can become very dusty and stop turning. The HMM will tell
you how to extract the fan, then you can clean it up and put it back.
Take the opportunity to blow all the dust out of the rest of the innards
of the laptop and maybe clean the keyboard :-)

There's a good chance this will give your laptop a new lease of life.
And if the fan does not restart, well, now you know how to replace
it :-)

I have a T30 purchased in 2002. It's had a new HDD, reppaced because the
original 20GB was too small, and a new fan because the old one gave up
the ghost. This laptop runs 24/7 as a house server and is still going
strong except for a few wonky keys (so if anyone has an old T30 kbd they
don't need...) Oh, and it only has 512Mb 'cos the second memory bay
burned out - a known problem with the model that I found out about too
late to get IBM to fix.

Regards, K.

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