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"giovanni_re" 03-24-2011 01:18 AM

60MB small, & gets rid of bugs - Enable debug in Firefox compile ; gre
Thanks Clay :)

Which list did you see this on? Maybe a good idea for you to send it to
that list also, besides me, for community memory & knowledge. :)

On Wed, 23 Mar 2011 20:53:50 -0400, "Clay Weber" <>
> > Will the relevant persons please ensure that the version(s) of Firefox
> > in the KUbuntu system include the debugging ability turned on? Ie, if
> > ff crashes, it comes up with the stack trace, etc, & the notice that
> > this info can be sent to Mozilla to help find bugs?
> >

> I'll answer this one as I know the answer without even having to do a 30
> second search :)
> In any Debian-based distro (as well as others I am sure) debug symbols
> are in
> a separate package. In this case firefox-dbg is what you want. Or
> actually
> firefox-mozsymbols may be what integrates with mozilla's system.
> As they already exist, and can be quite large packages. 60mb in this case
> as
> compared to the 12 or so mb that that actual browser is.
> they are not installed by default, and probably will never be.

Thanks for the thought, clay, about the size 60MB being large.

My thought is that 60MB is small, compared to having bugs. I just saw a
2TB hitachi drive for $69? at 60MB is _nothing_ today. ;)

For pennies of storage, let's have Ubuntu put the debug info in there, &
get rid of bugs! :)

> The people you would want to talk to are Ubuntu's Mozilla team

Will do, thanks.

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