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03-22-2011 01:43 PM

Reading CD & DVD discs => "Error File not found." (James)
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 12:41:49 +1000
From: James <>
To: "Ubuntu user technical support, not for general discussions"
Subject: Re: Reading CD & DVD discs => "Error File not found."
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Thank you James for the reply. I should have explained a bit more.

When I inserted a DVD+RW with many photos in it, the little picture of
disc (icon) didn't appear on the screen with its date title. It
happened ok before. When I clicked down Main Menu and I clicked
'Places', yes the icon with the title is there in the list. When I
clicked it, it took a bit too long to finally pop up an 'Error' box on
screen 'File not found.'

I was looking for lightscribe software for my LG Supermulti drive in
Synaptic Package Manager and I think I did downloaded one or two - I
couldn't remember what it was. And I think I clicked it to open it,
but nothing happened. Could it be the reason for the problem? It got
me wondering where I went wrong. Jim

Hi Jim
The DVD/CD drive had been reading discs ok when the Maverick 10.10

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freshly installed. As time went by after some updates, the disc in
the CD/DVD drive could not be read. A small box popped up, "Error:
File not found." I tried some DVD and Cd disks, but no success. It
looks like the drive is disconnected. I looked in Launchpad, but it
frustrated me with trying to find solution. Any idea what caused the
problem? Tip from you readers will be greatly appreciated. Thank
you. Jim
Does it still show as connected during the post messages at boot up or in
the bios? It's possible it could be a hardware fault or maybe the
connector(s) worked loose over time? Can you read disks otherwise? If
dual booting does another OS read the disks? Also might help to know
your hardware setup


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