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Abhishek Dixit 03-09-2011 03:35 AM

wubi does not install grub and neither correctly copies the modules of grub
Here is a situation 1 week back I had asked in this list about a clean
way to install Ubuntu on a friends laptop and how to uninstall.
I have installed and things worked by now perfectly without any problem.
We are trying to set up a Xen (virtualization)environment in this
laptop as this is the only piece of good hardware with VT support in
built available to us.
After setting up every thing cleanly.
When I needed to boot with following grub entries

menuentry "Xen Linux" {
insmod ntfs
set root='(hd0,2)'
loopback loop0 /ubuntu/disks/root.disk
set root=(loop0)
multiboot /boot/xen.gz
module /boot/vmlinuz- dummy=dummy root=/dev/sda2
loop=/ubuntu/disks/root.disk ro console=tty0
module /boot/initrd.img-

I got
error:file not found.
when booting and command multiboot ,kernel,module are not present.

Now to dig this issue further I reboot the machine and go to grub command prompt

and manually pass on each of the above parameters which you see in the
grub entry
when I reached
grub> insmod multiboot
then I got following message on screen
error:file not found.

It looks like my grub setup has just enough modules to use loopback
file on ntfs, but the ACTUAL /boot directory is on the loopback NOT
ntfs (hd0,2). Therefore any attempt to read any files from (hd0,2)
simply wont work, cause there's no file there.It's a somewhat
advanced setup, I am trying to troubleshoot ntfs-loop-xen
combination.This is not Xen-specific, but rather wubi - grub -
issue.I want to know how can I install the missing modules of grub in Wubi?
I need to use insmod multiboot and commands kernel,module available in
grub in this Ubuntu setup which was done using Wubi.

I searched on internet and
it seems Wubi simply does not installs grub based on above link,
So my question is what is happening is Wubi booting or grub booting in
this installation from Wubi and why are the files in /boot/grub
directory empty?
While a normal Kernel is still booting?
How can I get module multiboot in this Wubi based install.
Since the laptop is given to me on trust so I can not format drives
and use a usual partition without Wubi type setup so any clues what
should I do in this situation?



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