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Colin Law 11-28-2010 07:54 PM

And the "question" is ... - was
On 28 November 2010 20:27, Richard Owlett <> wrote:
> NOTE BENE: *quotation marks in revised subject line ;/
> Colin Law wrote:
>> On 28 November 2010 12:42, Ali Hassan<> *wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> PS: I like ubuntu and use it for work (research), I use windows for home& *entertainment *...
>> What do you need Windows for that you cannot do in Ubuntu?
>> Colin
> The *obvious* answer is of course, _NOTHING_!
> Stretching an analogy (not quite to breaking point), both
> Windows(tm) and Linux(tm?) are 'Turing complete'.
> Therefore, both _can_ do everything.

Since we seem to be in pedantic mode (and nothing wrong with that), I
did not ask the question 'what cannot be done in Ubuntu' which you
correctly point out is nothing as in principle software could be
written to do anything in Ubuntu that is done in Windows. The
question I asked (of the OP) was 'What do you need Windows for that
_you_ cannot do in Ubuntu'. There may well be things the _he/she_
cannot do in Ubuntu due to lack of hardware drivers, or windows s/w
that has no ubuntu couterpart.


> *THEREFORE* The proper question is "Why use OS xyz?"
> I will answer very personally.
> I am VERY annoyed with many choices MS has made.
> I wish to use a [insert positive adjective] OS.
> I believe Linux to be that OS.
> *HOWEVER*, I have both VALUABLE programs and data which presume a
> MS Windows(tm) environment.
> I *will _NOT_ * jeopardize either during a transition.

I should hope not. Did someone suggest you should, that you have to
shout your objection?


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