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Chris G 12-04-2009 07:18 PM

How do I report this CUPS problem (in Ubuntu 9.10 CUPS configuration)?
I have found that there's a problem with the Ubuntu 9.10 CUPS
configuration, it has messed up the default font and font size for
command line lp/lpr.

The CUPS 1.3.9 in Ubuntu 9.04 works fine whereas the CUPS 1.4.1 in
Ubuntu 9.10 gets the default font for lp/lpr wrong and ignores any
attempt to change the font size.

I got in touch with the CUPS developers and I have a quick and nasty
workaround which is to comment out the "text/plain" line in

What the CUPS developer said to me was (with some context from the
exchange) :-

>>> D [04/Dec/2009:17:42:00 +0000] PID 2650 (/usr/lib/cups/filter/texttopdf) exited with no e rrors.
>> This is the problem. Please report this to the Ubuntu folks - they
need to fix their text f ilter.
> Is there a workaround I can apply to fix the immediate problem? (I'm
> happy to edit config files, change scripts and even compile stuff if
> necessary)

Look for a *.convs file in /usr/share/cups/mime or /etc/cups that has
"texttopdf" in it. Comment out any lines that refer to this filter and restart cupsd.

> ... and what do I report to the Ubuntu people exactly, I can hardly
> just copy the above line to them! :-)

They need to support the standard CUPS text options documented here:

Who/what/where should I report this issue?

Chris Green

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