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thomas 11-16-2009 01:21 AM

Ubuntu 9.10 boot problems after automatic update - OK now
Nils Kassube wrote:
> wrote:
>> I got another automatic update tonight. After the update was
>> completed I got the screen of death. Attempted to reboot and
>> I got a message that certain files were missing and I had to
>> so a reinstall.

>> I don't think I ever saw that message but was there some info which
>> files were missing? Maybe they could be copied from a LiveCD.
>> Will this re-install delete the files of the previous 9.10
>> environment? Will I be able to access them?
> Yes, a reinstall usually deletes everything of the previous install.
> However your personal files can be preserved if you select the manual
> partitioning during the installation dialog. There you select the same
> file system you have now (probably ext3 because yours is an upgrade from
> 9.04) and don't select to format the partition. You will get a warning
> with an explanation that system directories will be removed but the
> /home directory will be preserved. However I would recommend to backup
> your important files to an external drive anyway. You can do that from a
> LiveCD before you start the installation.
> Nils
I am lucky. Turned the computer on today and it booted up. Thanks for the
advice. I hope that nothing happens again. This was a strange problem. I
guess that during the intervening time Ubuntu healed itself even while the
computer was in an "off" state. I did nothing to fix it.

I understand that there is a way to back up files. I need to pull out
the Ubuntu
book that I purchased from Barnes & Noble. Most of what I have that needs
to be save are e/m notes - mostly Google Alerts.

I am also very lucky that this group exists. This was not the first time
people have put forth advice to help me get out of some jam.

While writing this I think that I figure out what top posting means. I got a
few complaints about this. Did not change the way I was posting because
I did not understand what it meant. From now on I will put my responses
and comments at the bottom of the page.



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