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"Walton Hoops" 02-12-2009 05:11 PM

Security Issue
I could use some help from the Ubuntu wizards out there.
I run a home server, using Ubuntu 8.10. It very low traffic, with most of
the traffic being e-mail. Last night, over the course of an hour it
recorded roughly 8 GB (4 up and 4 down) of traffic over the course of 2
hours (monitoring with vnstat) and then dropped back to normal. Looking at
the logs, the traffic did not come through apache, sendmail,or SSH. Judging
from the fact that the up/down are equal, I'm guessing I've was used as a
proxy for something (I don't have a proxy server installed), but I know not
what. So, I have two questions.
1.) Any suggestions on how to further investigate this? At this point I'm
at a loss.
2.) How would you suggest further hardening my security, since it seems it
was compromised? I use Firestarter to lock down my ports, Fail2Ban to stop
those pesky SSH brute force attacks, and Snort to keep an eye out for other
Any input would be appreciated.

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