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thomas fisher 12-24-2007 09:36 PM

audio problem after Gutsy 7.10 uprade
After completion of upgrade the following notice was posted on the desktop:
Any suggestions as to what the solution is would be appreciated. Prior to
the upgrade everything was working fine.
Refresh Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) configuration presets

New Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) configuration presets have
been added. Please execute the asoundconf(1) set-default-card macro in a
Terminal now to refresh your user's configuration presets. You may
accomplish this task by executing the following command in a Terminal:
After reading the man asoundconf the syntax suggests
# asoundconf set-default-card PARAMETER

leaves me guessing as to " what " the parameter value should be.
List of the .asoundrc.asoundconf is as follows.
$ cat /home/tom/.asoundrc.asoundconf
# ALSA library configuration file managed by asoundconf(1).
# Manual changes to the ALSA library configuration should be implemented
# by editing the ~/.asoundrc file, not by editing this file.
!defaults.pcm.card Intel
defaults.ctl.card Intel
defaults.pcm.device 0
defaults.pcm.subdevice -1
defaults.pcm.nonblock 1
defaults.pcm.ipc_key 5678293
defaults.pcm.ipc_gid audio
defaults.pcm.ipc_perm 0660
defaults.pcm.dmix_max_periods 0
defaults.rawmidi.card 0
defaults.rawmidi.device 0
defaults.rawmidi.subdevice -1
defaults.hwdep.card 0
defaults.hwdep.device 0
defaults.timer.class 2
defaults.timer.sclass 0
defaults.timer.card 0
defaults.timer.device 0
defaults.timer.subdevice 0

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