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Old 11-13-2008, 06:02 PM
"Paul Johnson"
Default Touchpad configuration in 8.10. After gsynaptics, then what?

Hey, everybody:

In all previous editions of Fedora and Ubuntu, I've had no trouble
making the touchpad behave in the way I wanted. I've been searching
for information about how to configure the touchpad and I find that
many users can't make the touchpad work at all, or the configuration
tools like gsynaptic don't work for them.

I don't have those problems. I am able to use touchpad, and gsynaptic
allows me to adjust the min speed and max speed.

The problem I have is that, even after fiddling the sliders in
gsynaptic, I'm not able to make the touchpad work in the desired way.
The cursor swings about wildly, and it is starting to seem to me that
there have been some fundamental changes in the driver itself that
make the touchpad behave in a new way. No matter what I try, I'm not
able to make the pointer move quickly sometimes and slowly sometimes,
and I never had this problem before.

I realize that I cannot put settings into xorg.conf anymore. But I
wish I could, because if I could do that, then I might be able to get
the exact settings I want. In gsynaptics, I don't have access to all
touchpad options, and I can't set them exactly (hate sliders).

On the other hand, in a terminal I can run synclient to reset values.
I've not yet found a combination of settings that has the same look
and feel as the old xorg.conf settings, but I'll keep trying. If I do
find the correct settings, it does not appear to me that there is any
way to set them permanently in the X server. Here's what I mean.
synclient shows these options, all can be reset from the command line,
but how are they to be saved, and applied for all users who log in??

$ synclient -l
Parameter settings:
LeftEdge = 120
RightEdge = 830
TopEdge = 120
BottomEdge = 650
FingerLow = 25
FingerHigh = 30
FingerPress = 256
MaxTapTime = 180
MaxTapMove = 110
MaxDoubleTapTime = 180
SingleTapTimeout = 180
ClickTime = 100
FastTaps = 0
EmulateMidButtonTime = 75
EmulateTwoFingerMinZ = 257
VertScrollDelta = 20
HorizScrollDelta = 20
VertEdgeScroll = 1
HorizEdgeScroll = 0
CornerCoasting = 0
VertTwoFingerScroll = 0
HorizTwoFingerScroll = 0
MinSpeed = 0.45
MaxSpeed = 0.45
AccelFactor = 0
TrackstickSpeed = 40
EdgeMotionMinZ = 30
EdgeMotionMaxZ = 160
EdgeMotionMinSpeed = 1
EdgeMotionMaxSpeed = 102
EdgeMotionUseAlways = 0
UpDownScrolling = 1
LeftRightScrolling = 1
UpDownScrollRepeat = 1
LeftRightScrollRepeat = 1
ScrollButtonRepeat = 100
TouchpadOff = 0
GuestMouseOff = 0
LockedDrags = 0
LockedDragTimeout = 5000
RTCornerButton = 2
RBCornerButton = 3
LTCornerButton = 0
LBCornerButton = 0
TapButton1 = 1
TapButton2 = 2
TapButton3 = 3
ClickFinger1 = 1
ClickFinger2 = 1
ClickFinger3 = 1
CircularScrolling = 0
CircScrollDelta = 0.1
CircScrollTrigger = 0
CircularPad = 0
PalmDetect = 1
PalmMinWidth = 10
PalmMinZ = 200
CoastingSpeed = 0
PressureMotionMinZ = 30
PressureMotionMaxZ = 160
PressureMotionMinFactor = 1
PressureMotionMaxFactor = 1
GrabEventDevice = 1

I would have put this in xorg.conf before, but i don't understand what
is needed.


ps. In case you are one of the people for whom touchpad does not work
at all, please notice that many of the touchpad related programs have
not been updated to interact with the HAL framework that is now
managing devices. Programs like gsynaptics will refuse to run and say
you need to turn SHMConfig on in xorg.conf, but they are giving
bad/outdated advice. In order to make gsynaptics work, you need to
create this file shmconfig.fdi as shown in output below and then
re-start your PC. That will allow gsynaptics to run, and also should
make the "touchpad" panel appear under System-> Preferences -> Mouse.

$ cat /etc/hal/fdi/policy/shmconfig.fdi
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<deviceinfo version="0.2">
<match key="input.x11_driver" string="synaptics">
<merge key="input.x11_options.SHMConfig" type="string">True</merge>

Paul E. Johnson
Professor, Political Science
1541 Lilac Lane, Room 504
University of Kansas

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Old 11-13-2008, 06:25 PM
Mario Vukelic
Default Touchpad configuration in 8.10. After gsynaptics, then what?

On Thu, 2008-11-13 at 13:02 -0600, Paul Johnson wrote:
> I realize that I cannot put settings into xorg.conf anymore.

Who says you can't? AFAICT the great thing in the new xorg is that you
don't _have_ to put settings there, but you can all right.

There was much discussion because of lack of out-of-the-box support for
Wacom tablets [1] and the solution is to edit xorg.conf [2], so I'd be
surprised if it was different for touchpads.

[1] <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wacom#Option%20B)%20Manual%

[2] <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WacomTroubleshooting>

I don't change my touchpad config, so I cannot really help much, but
maybe this page can be a place to start (though it does not go into
xorg.conf details): https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad

ubuntu-users mailing list
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