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09-19-2008 03:14 PM

Symbian Helix Player (was Relicensing the AMR codec for inclusion in Ubuntu)

Kinda o/t, but I have been trying to get this for my PDA. The problem
is that I can't seem to find the download for the latest version. The
link above mentions a version 3.0 that is available for s60 2nd and
3rd editions, but after following the links I can only download a much
older 1.0 version from the regular player download page which seems as
though it may be somewhat outdated. There is no mention of 3.0 on that
page and the latest date on any file there is early 2007, the symbian
version I believe having a 2005 date. The link that was supposed to
take me to a binary of 3.0 instead took me to a login page which I
believe is probably for developers rather than people who are trying
to download the player. Is there a more direct link that can allow me
to download the installer for 3.0 s60 2nd edition? Or should I be
looking in a different place? Do I need to create a login account in
order to get this file? Seems unusual, but may be the case. Is there
somewhere else I should be looking other than the link that says I can
get a binary "here"?

Thanks for any help,

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