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NoOp 09-17-2008 10:34 PM

SeaMoney + update-manager
For those of you that use Mozilla's SeaMonkey as your primary browser &
email, there are issues when you click on the link for the bug/issue in
Ubuntu's update manager. The problem is that currently if Firefox is not
the default bowser set in System|Preferences|Preferred Applications, the
hidden link in the update description may not work. This results in two
options: 1) set Fx as the default browser, 2) hunt on
Google/Yahoo/<searchengine> for 'launchpad +<issuenumber>'.

I've finally found a workaround for this:

For those who use Ubuntu (Gnome) I use the following in:
System|Preferences|Preferred Applications|Web Browser|Custom|Command

<fullpathtoSeaMonkey>/seamonkey -remote openURL("%s",new-tab)

Now when you click the link in the 'Changes' description of
Update-Manager, the link open a new tab in SeaMonkey (even if SM is
already open) and open the<issuenumber>

<fullpathtoSeaMonkey>/seamonkey -remote openURL("%s",new-window)
also works.

Also for Mail Reader:
<fullpathtoSeaMonkey>/seamonkey -compose
works as well and will allow sending an email (Send:) from applications
such as OpenOffice. The only thing that you need to do in OOo (linux) is
set <fullpathtoSeaMonkey>/seamonkey in Tools|Options|Internet|Email.

See: for additional info.

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