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Hugh Blemings 07-16-2012 11:33 PM

wireless card recommendation
Hiya Tom,

On 17/07/12 09:24, Tom Poe wrote:

Hello: I'm running ubuntustudio 11.04 on Dell GX260 desktop. Looking
for wireless card recommendation and driver info. Not sure what
software ubuntustudio uses for network detection. Is this a doable
project to undertake? Any pointers appreciated.

You should find just about any card listed here;

will work with Ubuntu Studio - two caveats that come to mind;

* Make sure that any card or USB adaptor you choose is "younger" than
the 11.04 release - best chance of having good driver support.

* If you go the USB route, be mindful that it might take up bandwidth on
USB that your (say) audio interface is also trying to use. You may be
able to get around this by having them on separate controllers, I don't
know if the GX260 has multiple USB controllers or not sorry.

As far as I know the Ubuntu Studio kernel differs only in the realtime
support, rest of the drivers are the same as 11.04 itself.

Given the a compatible card (that has a driver) the regular networking
support also handles wireless, lets you set SSIDs, passwords etc.
Should be pretty straightforward.

Hope this helps, happy hacking,

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