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Icy EyeG 10-23-2011 02:50 PM

Making Xubuntu 11.10 + Ubuntu Studio packages look like Ubuntu Studio 11.04
I know that Ubuntu Studio Xfce transition isn't completed yet until 12.04, but in the meanwhile you can make Xubuntu look like Ubuntu Studio 11.04.
I'd love to see this done for Ubuntu Studio 12.04 because the it'd bring layout consistency across all versions despite moving to xfce.

I'm not going to talk about theming though, because there is no xfce ubuntu studio theme yet for Xfwm4.

All you have to do is install xfce4-goodies package and, if you want to edit the applications menu, install alacarte.

Then delete the bottom panel and replace it with a new one with the same properties as the top panel (ie, 24 px size). Don't forget to lock it on bottom.
Finally distribute the following plugins on the panels:
Panel 1

- Applications Menu (you can change the icon and add "Applications" text in the menu properties
- Places Menu (select on properties to show the text "Places", without icon)
- Separator
- Launcher (add Firefox here)

- Separator (select "expand" on its properties)
- Notification Area
- Indicator Plugin
- Separator
- Clock
- Separator
- Session Menu

Panel 2
- Show Desktop
- Separator
- Windows Buttons

- Separator
- Workspace switcher (set 4 workspaces in a single row in properties)

That's it. Note that there is no Trashcan plugin, so I couldn't add it last on the Panel 2.

It'd be awesome to see Nautilus and Compiz (using Xfwm4 only) integrated by default. I'm trying to do it, but there are caveats that aren't solved yet, I think (GTK3 theming doesn't work well - need to add it manually; Nautilus doesn't work with the places plugin). Apparently GTK3 integration in Xfce will happen only in 1.5 years (

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