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verymeta 11-26-2007 02:42 PM

ardour - recording while playing a loop (Karoliina Salminen)
> At least I have not figured out how to do that, but I usually do this:
> - copy-paste the loop as many times as I need it on one track
> and then
> - record the other tracks.
> I just copy-paste the loop so many times that I have enough them to
> cover the entire song
> if I so prefer.
Just copying and pasting the loops wouldn't work for me, because I like
to decide how many times to play a given loop while I'm playing, rather
than having it laid out beforehand. I don't just loop the drums, I loop
everything! Some loops are just pre-recorded sounds, and some are soft
synths attached to Seq24, which is controlled by Ardour. (Thanks to
people on this list who helped me figure out how to do this!)

However I found a solution to this that is so simple I'm embarassed I
didn't think of it before: I open two instances of Ardour, one to
control the loops, and one to record. Duh :-)


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