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Ralf Mardorf 05-28-2011 05:42 PM

1. What is a good Computer to television set connection / 2. How to burn any video for stand-alone media players?
Hi :)

television isn't important for me, anyway, sometimes I like to watch TV.
If I shouldn't find solutions to solve this issues, it doesn't matter
very much.

I'm unable to get every video from the Internet burned as a DVD or CD
that can be played by my very old DVD player. I can't play just files,
it only plays standard video DVDs and video CDs.

One idea is to connect the computer directly to the television set.

Issues with the graphics

It's a NVIDIA PCIe card. Gainward Bliss 7200GS PCX. When I connected the
SVHS jack, the signal for the monitor get lost, because the PCI express
connection was mounted 'spring-loaded' (might be the wrong term in
English, but I guess you understand ;). I lose the screw, half
disassembled the card and mounted it back again. I did not screw in the
screw again, hence there's no 'spring-load' anymore. The monitor get a
signal again. Seems to be better for the mobo too.

There's no signal by the graphics SVHS jack. I booted the generic kernel
with the proprietary driver.

The television set isn't broken, I tested this with other devices, the
graphics might be broken or not. The graphics manual says that VGA
connector and S-Video connector can be used for 'dual display

Issues with SCART

My old television set needs switching voltage. I'm using a SVHS to SCART
adapter, opened the adapter and connected a 9V battery to pin 8 and the
shielding. I've got a lab power supply, but without galvanic isolation I
preferred a battery for testing. This does work without any issues.

Regarding to the fact that SVHS isn't compatible to SCART composite I
need to

On the quick I didn't found lower than 0.015 micro aka 15 nano capacitor
in stock, far away from 0.00047 micro aka 470 pico. Anyway, without
soldering there already is a monochrome signal. So if there would be
output by the graphics SVHS, there should be a black and white view as
there is, when using a test device.

Btw. those SVHS connectors barely keep together. All in all SVHS IMO
seems to be a dirty solution to connect a computer to a cheap television

The television set has got RGB SCART too, this is how I usually connect
other devices to it, but I don't wish to use to many cables, to connect
the computer, placed in another room, to it. And I guess using RGB will
cause to much hassle.

I wonder if other users are able to burn any video as a standard video
DVD or standard video CD?

Even if it should be possible to burn everything, I also wonder how
people connect their computers to television? Not at all? By HDMI and
other solutions that aren't featured by my old television set?

Any hints are welcome!


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