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"Cory K." 11-25-2007 11:43 PM

*Something Fun* Help me build a mobile recording box.
Hi kids.

Something that got me involved in Ubuntu Studio was the hope that one
day I could build a 16-track, portable (in a road case), Ardour-based
recording setup.

I do think it's been sad that I haven't had time to actually _use_ what
I'm helping to create. (though $ is a factor as well. isn't it always) ;)

So here's a fun little topic. I'm looking at putting together something
I can wheel around in a road-case.

I *think* I need:

* 16-track capable recording. (maybe 2 Delta 1010s or LTs?)
* Mixer
* Road case (maybe something from
* 3U rackmount PC case (maybe
* Mics (normal list containing SM57/58s to start)

I _know_ I'm missing a couple of things like the PC guts. I pretty much
have that covered. From the screen on down.

I'm looking to record _real_ instruments. ;) So keep that in mind as
well as money. I'm not looking to be cheap here but I know Ill be
spending money here. Upwards of 5k or more I guess?

So, discuss. :D

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