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ZeuZ Diavolo Deimos 05-07-2008 09:30 PM

Traffic Control & Bandwidth managment
I need to control the ammount of bandwith clients of my network can take (for upload and download) I've tried htb-gen, but I've been having problems, it is based on tcng, it composes the rules and then applies it though I don't see it's effective enough, I try to look at myself as an ISP (even though I provide 10 users with only 1mb-download/328kbps-upload ) so I need to keep the spare kbps...
I have a proxy with cache to ease this, and have seen squids feature of delay pools, but have found them memory and cpu consuming and not powerfull for what I need...
Anybody has an Idea of how can I do that? I've been seing htb.init, dunno if someone has experience with it, and if someone could share his experiences...

Thanks in advice...

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