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Michael Ferreira 02-26-2012 10:50 PM

Content of ubuntu-server Digest, Vol 74, Issue 25
I've been a lurking on this subject: "Re: [debian-mysql]MySQL's future in Debian and Ubuntu"*for a month and following the buzz out in the Industry.... And now feel I had to comment.
Correction on the original submitter- I "can" access the Oracle/MySQL's bug tracking system. I can also read/view the changelogs. Although, the changelog is in Spanish and broken into many sub-pieces*under pieces that makeup MySQL.... I
admit, not convenient.
??? I know I test dev Solaris and OpenIndiana (past Solaris and OpenSolaris), as I do for Ubuntu dev-cycles...*and they have me still listed w/ my own business as an IT Consultant.*I really don't see that making any matter to their online web servers = Oracle account (free) and MySQL account (free)... *
As far as I can see, you don't need a paid support subscription to see the info. I don't. I see that for someone new, it would be a "bother" getting setup to see it. So to other's here, it
doesn't seem that they are hiding anything or that it's filtered. (Like has been said and fretted about.)**I didn't have to hack in to see anything.
On the other side of that, Industry chatter is that Maria does have a few pluses on diagnosing why something isn't working or checking out performance issues.
Me? *I see Maria moving forward, where someday there will be differences, whereas Oracle MySQL... things seem a bit slower to change, bogged in some kind of*hierarchy(?).
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