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Clint Byrum 11-07-2011 04:40 PM

Fwd: Preparing for the next release
We probably need to start upstreaming our patches a lot more aggressively:


Note the forwarded message which shows only a few tiny patches in 2.2.2.

I missed the UDS session, but is this on somebody's TODO list for
alpha1/alpha2 ?

--- Begin forwarded message from James Cammarata ---
From: James Cammarata <>
To: cobbler development list <>, cobbler mailing list <>
Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2011 18:57:08 -0500
Subject: Preparing for the next release

Gearing up for 2.2.2, so I've gone through the master and release22
branches making sure everything has been applied. As of now, I believe
there are only 4 patches that have not been applied to release22:

commit 5d1f682946cb5bf323ea97062dabf8071c9698a1
Merge: 1b4f9ec... 7f24553...
Author: James Cammarata <>
Date: Fri Nov 4 03:36:07 2011 -0500

Merge of authn_pam/https feature branch

commit 4bee30b4086a8d845bea5d39d6f2cba1f4a396aa
Author: James Cammarata <>
Date: Fri Oct 28 01:11:02 2011 -0500

Enabling CSRF protection for the web interface

commit 18eb1c06779b37d89dfb2962a08236dd1bab24a6
Author: James Cammarata <>
Date: Fri Nov 4 02:33:38 2011 -0500

Additional CSRF work. All URLs that modify state are now required
to be POSTs only.

commit 1b4f9ecf051422eb8512794701900f6199651442
Author: James Cammarata <>
Date: Fri Nov 4 03:23:09 2011 -0500

Convert all yaml loads to safe_loads for security/safety reasons.

If you notice I forgot to apply something you sent in, or if I forgot
to apply it both to master AND release22, let me know and I'll cherry
pick it over.

I'd like to get all of these in for the next release, so if anyone has
some spare cycles I'd love for some extra testing. If you typically
install RPMs, you can easily build them by cloning the git tree and
using the command "make rpms", which should generate RPMs with the
version of 2.3.1-1. Please don't test these on production servers, the
YAML load change above shouldn't cause any issues but just in case I'd
hate for someone to corrupt production data.

If you do end up testing the authn_pam/https patch, please be aware
that a pretty major change was made to the cobbler_web.conf file for
Apache. Make sure there's no rpmnew/rpmsave version of this, and that
the contents look like the following:

# This configuration file enables the cobbler web
# interface (django version)

# Force everything to go to https
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/cobbler_web
RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI}

WSGIScriptAlias /cobbler_web /usr/share/cobbler/web/cobbler.wsgi

Here is a list of the patches applied since 2.2.1:

* FEAT: Add fedora16, rawhide, opensuse 11.2, 11.3, 11.4 and 12.1
to This should also fix ticket #611
* FEAT: Added a %post section for the cobbler-web package, which
replaces the SECRET_KEY field in the Django with a random
* BUGFIX: Use VALID_OS_VERSIONS from in the redhat importer.
* BUGFIX: Fixes to import_tree() to actually copy files to a safe
place when --available-as is specified.
Also some cleanup to the debian/ubuntu import module for when
--available-as is specified.
* BUGFIX: Modification to import processes so that rsync:// works as a path.
These changes should also correct the incorrect linking issue
where the link created in webdir/links/ pointed at a directory in
ks_mirror without the arch
Also removed the .old import modules for debian/ubuntu, which
were replaced with the unified
* BUGFIX: add the /var/www/cobbler/pub directory to
Calling buildiso from cobbler-web now works as expected.
* BUGFIX: patch koan (xencreate) to correct the same issue that was
broken for vmware regarding qemu_net_type
* BUGFIX: fixed issue with saving objects in the webgui failing
when it was the first of that object type saved.
* BUGFIX: Minor fix to the remote version to use the nicer extended
version available
* BUGFIX: Fix a bug in buildiso when duplicate kopt keys are used.
Reported and tested by Simon Woolsgrove <>
* BUGFIX: Fix for koan, where was not updated to
accept the network type, causing failures.
* BUGFIX: added sign_puppet_certs_automatically to The
fact that this was missing was causing failures in the the pre/post
puppet install modul
* BUGFIX: set the auto-boot option for a virtual machine
* BUGFIX: Correction for koan using the incorrect default port for
connecting to cobblerd
* BUGFIX: config/settings: add "manage_tftpd: 1" (default setting).
Manage_tftpd is ON by default, but it doesn't hurt to be explicit
about it, so that it's easier to disable it.
* CLEANUP: use codes.VALID_OS_VERSIONS in the freebsd importer
* CLEANUP: use codes.VALID_OS_VERSIONS in the debian/ubuntu importer
* CLEANUP: use utils.subprocess_call in
* CLEANUP: use utils.subprocess_call in
* CLEANUP: use utils.subprocess_call in Also document
that 'hg' is a valid option in the settings file.
* CLEANUP: Dont import the sub_process module when it's not needed.
--- End forwarded message ---

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