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Jos Boumans 07-10-2010 01:05 AM

Ubuntu Server Update for Maverick Meerkat Alpha3

we've just started the Alpha3 cycle for Maverick[1]. In broad
strokes the plans[7] are unchanged, but there are some notable

* Several of the Java projects we are adopting are quite fast
moving. We are looking into a solution that favours ease of
discovery of new releases. If you have any thoughts on the
matter, please review the affected blueprints[2][3] and let
us know your thoughts.

* A few blueprints could really use your help! To get the best
possible bug reports, apport hooks are tremendously helpful.
If you have a few spare cycles, consider writing one or two[4]!

Everybody loves trying new versions of software, especially
if they fix an issue you've been running into. The daily VCS
blueprint[5] is doing exactly that and there's plenty on the
list to pick from, or create one for your own favourite package.

As a reminder, for those doing feature work in Ubuntu, Alpha 3 is
the last milestone before Feature Freeze[6], so make sure you get
your changes in before then.

If you'd like to contribute to the Maverick release, please join
us at our weekly IRC meetings[8] on Tuesdays between 1800 and 1900
UTC on #ubuntu-meeting on

On behalf of the Ubuntu Server Team,



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