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Mathias Gug 03-19-2009 03:59 PM

Packages changes to the seeds

I've spent some time moving some packages from the dvd seed to the
supported* seeds. This shouldn't affect whether packages are in main or
universe (they should all stay in main) but it changes how long the
packages will be maintained for LTS releases (5 years for most of them):

Dvd to supported-*-servers (maintained for 5 years on LTS releases):
* zope3-sandbox
* cricket
* exim4
* exim4-daemon-heavy
* exim4-daemon-light
* john
* rrdtool
* freeradius
* bacula-director-sqlite3
* bacula-sd-sqlite3
* sqlite3

Dvd to supported-*-desktop (maintained for 3 years on LTS releases):
* system-config-cluster

On a related note, Nick Barcet (nijaba) wrote a script that can check
the maintenance status of installed packages on a machine running
Ubuntu. The script is available from the Ubuntu Maintenance Check
project [1] on launchpad.


Mathias Gug
Ubuntu Developer
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