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Harald Sitter 01-21-2009 01:53 PM

mysql 5.1 patch to separate data files

In order to make Amarok (embedded mysql 5.1) and Akonadi (mysql 5.0) on
Kubuntu co-installable again, we'd like to upload a revised mysql-5.1 package
with your consent :)

Attached you'll find a debdiff for current mysql-5.1 packaging, moving data files
to a spearate package, which can be used by applications with embedded mysql
(e.g. amarok).
We changed the datadir to /usr/share/mysql-5.1, to make this new data package
co-installable with mysql-server-5.0 (e.g. as used by akonadi).

I have also added a couple of replaces/conflicts for the unofficial amarok-mysql
packages Kubuntu published for the Amarok 2 deployment on Intrepid.

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