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jack179999 12-29-2010 04:52 PM

Solves wonderfully
in a language class, teacher to schoolmates explained that " is in a state of panic ", “is unintelligible”, “feels relieved” , “as always " four idioms. By chance, some student whistling is resting greatly. As soon as professor pats the table, should live sits immediately, takes up the book then to look, teacher said: “this is in a state of panic. “then, old the teacher lets him answer the question, he stood hem and haw the half of the day. By now teacher said: “this then did not know that the cloud, please sit down! “this schoolmate long extended the one breath to sit down. Teacher also said: “this is feels relieved. “and so on teachers mount the platform, that schoolmate falls face down sleeps. As soon as teacher was fierce turns around, to point at he saying:“this is as always.” cheap jeans on sale-discount brand jeans,casual shoes,t-thirt online :cheap jeans

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