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Old 03-22-2010, 09:12 AM
Jamie Bennett
Default Mobile Team Weekly Summary, 2010-03-16


The weekly activity reports and meeting minutes from the mobile team are
now available. They can be viewed online at the following links and are¬*
reproduced in full below.

Activity Reports:


Meeting Minutes:

= Weekly Reports === Jamie Bennett (JamieBennett) ===== This Week ===¬** Fail to build work:¬*¬** Worked on fio fail to build.¬*¬* * Fix - http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/532722¬*¬*¬* * Got a solution uploaded but dmart suggested a configure script that may be the better option. In the short term we will fix as normal, long term some more generic way for ARM may be desired.¬*¬* * Also had an ia64 failure, produced a fix for that too.¬*¬* ¬** http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/535000¬*¬*¬** Produced a fix for kbuild fail to build:¬*¬* * http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/535093¬** Produced a fix for mythtv fail to build on ARM:¬*¬** https://edge.launchpad.net/bugs/537714¬** webservice-office-zoho was uploaded. Needs to be in main for our images. Produced an MIR for it.¬*¬** https://edge.launchpad.net/bugs/537323¬** Worked on initial investigations into browser bookmark support for webservice-office-zoho. Supplied asac with necessary files to integrate.¬** Worked on bug 537356 to make menu icons launch the appropriate zoho services if no filename is passed. Pushed a solution to:¬*¬* * https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jamiebennett/+junk/webservice-office-zoho¬** Filed bug for new icons for webservices-office-zoho. We really need to tie up whether or not we can use Zoho's icons or else make some of our own.¬*¬** https://edge.launchpad.net/bugs/537365¬** Gave presentation on our Ubuntu on ARM hardware initiative to a local embedded Linux company.
=== Future ===¬** Work through more of the FTBFS list.¬** 'Out of office' until Wednesday.
== David Sugar ===== This Week ===¬** Re-packaged canola2 for revu, found we cannot use it at this time¬** Worked on squid ftbfs issue on armel¬** Rebuilt test machine on lucid¬** Some motu activity related to sipwitch
=== Next Week ===¬** More ftbfs issues, armel or not¬** Tracking down bugs that are fixable¬** More motu related activity¬** Will be away end of week to speak at Harvard¬** Test install of beta 1?
== Tobin Davis (GrueMaster) ===== This Week ===¬** Tested new kernels on imx51 and dove.¬*¬* * Bug #537083 - Suspend fails on imx51 - need to determine last working image.¬*¬* * Fixed dove crash when using mplayer - Bug #530404¬*¬** Some pairwise image testing¬*¬* * Bug #536960 - Ubiquity partman crashed during partition resize on Dove only¬** Spent more time with olver-core-tests. ¬*Rebuilt with latest patch "suggestions". ¬*Need to review results.¬*=== Future ===¬** Determine failure point on babbage3 suspend. ¬*Not a kernel issue at this point.¬** Beta 1 Testng.¬** Likewise Open Active Directory testing.¬** Possible NFS root testing (if I can get time to assemble my new server).¬** Develop a smoke test checklist that goes beyond installation (suspend/hibernate/resume, base app testing, etc). ¬*Nothing too time consuming, but something that touches the main areas.
== Paul Larson ===== This week ===¬** debugging on audio problems seen in bug 528524 and 534815¬** Installed karmic on imx51 to test a kernel for it¬** tested several kernels aimed at fixing the suspend/resume regression on imx51 lucid (bug #537083)¬** Spent time trying to bring up a new dev board¬** Did some fixes for the suspend/resume checkbox suite, updated it to the upstream tree (still need to push a new merge request)¬** spent some time going through ftbfs list seeing if there's some way I can help trim down the armel list¬*¬* * Tested the debian version and submitted sync request for bug 538059=== Future ===¬** Beta 1 testing!¬** Chromium testing
== Alexander Sack (asac) ==
¬** MIR processing:¬*¬* * liblog-log4perl-perl - approved¬*¬* * plotutils - pushed back with comments¬*¬* * getfem++ - pushed back due to missing ABI/API tracking¬*¬*¬* * pstoedit - approved with some comments¬*¬* * opengtl - pushed back due to missing ABI/API tracking¬*¬* * libqtgtl - pushed back due to missing ABI/API tracking¬*¬* * shared-desktop-ontologie - approved with some comments¬** retried ftbfs:¬*¬* * yelp, ppl¬** made patch for "firefox not starting with certain extensions installed" bug - lp:518422¬** packaged a few of #armel fsl imx51 goodies: imx-lib libz160 and xserver-xorg-video-imx

== Minutes ==¬** Some of the team were absent due to training.¬** The overall burn-down chart for the Mobile team was looking in good shape but the beta-1 chart highlighted the fact that not all items were completed. Some items will have to be retargeted to beta-2.¬** ericm told the team that he had received more patches from Marvell and forwarded them to the Ubuntu kernel lead to be included. No specific bugs were targeted with these patches. He also mentioned that he had included a patch for a mplayer audio crash bug.¬** No status update was given for the Freescale kernel as cooloney was absent.¬** Talk moved to the Q/A status and plars asked for help in testing the beta-1 images that were now available.¬** GrueMaster mentioned that he had narrowed down the suspend issue on iMX51. After testing multiple images he found that the image dated 03/03/10 was the last working one that supported suspend.¬** ericm asked about the status of the ARM desktop images, he was informed that the team only build netbook images now.¬** dyfet informed the team that Canola2 would not be included in Lucid and may not be in Lucid+1 due to upstream package problems.¬** The saga with the long standing unwind bug in Open Office was coming to a close. NCommander said that ARM had supplied a revised patch that needed testing.¬** NCommander also mentioned that he had filed bugs against the Chromium browser.¬** dyfet had been working on the squid fail to build issue and with lool‚Äôs help had produced a patch.¬** Talked moved onto the image build status. persia reported that images were being built but they were still a big buggy.¬*¬** GrueMaster asked about the status of kexec, NCommander said it would not be ready for Lucid.¬** After meeting with the upstream author of plasma mobile, ian_brasil informed the team that Ubuntu Liquid Remix could be available for testing in early June and that it may be ready in time for the 10.10 Ubuntu release. Talk drifted to the naming of the release and whether it should have the ‚ÄėRemix‚Äô suffix, no conclusion was made.
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