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Old 03-11-2010, 06:04 PM
Jamie Bennett
Default Mobile Team Weekly Summary, 2010-03-09


The weekly activity reports and meeting minutes from the mobile team are
now available. They can be viewed online at the following links and are¬*
reproduced in full below.

Activity Reports:


Meeting Minutes:


= Weekly Reports === Jamie Bennett (JamieBennett) ===== This Week ===¬** Worked on web office integration.¬*¬*¬** Finished the implementation, packaged and uploaded to http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/webservice-office-zoho.¬*¬*¬** A couple of rounds of minor fixes and now proposed for upload.¬** Preliminary look at the FTBFS, highlighted candidates to fix.¬*¬** Produced a fix for fio to make if compile on ARMv7 and also make it SMP safe.¬** iMX51 image testing, nice new artwork ¬** Some Canola investigations to determine if we are to make an effort to upload to universe this cycle. Still undecided.¬** Lots of machine bring-up after my laptop died last week and needed to be replaced ¬*=== Future ===¬** More FTBFS work.
== Paul Larson (plars) ===== This Week ===¬** Tested installing to SSD drive with imx51¬** spent a great deal of time investigating instability I've been noticing on dove¬*¬* * after much frustration, and noticing that others are not able to reproduce my problems, I ran memtester and it fails about 50% of the time. ¬*I now believe my issues may be hardware (possibly memory) related and specific to my system¬** Opened an ftbfs bug against moserial which ceased to build recently, this is now fixed and awaiting sponsorship¬** submitted merge request for suspend/resume testcases¬** did some bug triaging=== Future ===¬** Fixes and cleanups for suspend/resume tests that fell out of the merge request¬** bug triaging¬** mobile-bringup baseline testing¬** try to get my dove board fixed or memory replaced¬** debugging on audio problems I'm seeing
== Tobin Davis (GrueMaster) ===== This Week ===¬** Installation testing with new SSD on imx51. ¬*Decent speeds, but still limited by SOC architecture.¬** Worked on getting Windows 2003 server setup for Likewise testing. ¬*Brought in Windows expert at the cost of two beers to help.¬** Installation images down most of the week due to dependency issues. ¬*Spent most of the time updating existing installs and deep testing.¬** Extensive testing and trace building on bug #530404 (Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference) when running mplayer on dove.¬*=== Future ===¬** Daily documentation of tests executed.¬** Daily testing.
== Alexander Sack (asac) ===== This Week ===¬** out of office for half of week for a mini-summit¬** thumb2 main rebuild¬*¬* * prepare list of not yet rebuild packages with Architecture != all¬*¬* * upload in two batches: 80 on monday, 240 on weekend¬*¬* * collect build failures and file bugs¬*¬* * fix libatomic-ops - lp:533629¬*¬* * fix and upstream libgnome-keyring - lp:533998¬*¬* * work on fixing klibc (no success) and libplist (success on armel)¬** review webservice office¬** get FFe for webservice office and email¬** review gnash update - next: sponsoring¬** weekly release team meeting and preparations
== David Sugar (dyfet) ===== This Week ===¬** testing ssd drive & lucid install with imx51¬** some internal IT; rebuilt local cache server with lucid¬** started lucid/armel packaging/verification for canola2 friday¬** asterisk lucid baseline config¬** investigated kde armel issues=== Future ===¬** finish canola2 rebuild, create new ppa, then submit for archive¬** lubuntu lucid alpha 3 testing on armel¬** final sipwitch submission for lucid beta¬** more ftbfs/bug work, check remaining open porting issues
== Emmet Hikory (persia) ===== This Week ===¬** Fix python-apt to know which releases were on archive.u.c and which on ports.u.c¬** Confirm partman-uboot is working¬** Investigate partman-ubi work-in-progress and test ubi-on-nandsim for amd64/i386
== Dave Martin (dmart) ===== This Week ===¬** Proposed some x264 changes to enable NEON runtime detection.¬** Still investigating SMP boot issues.¬** Thumb-2 porting support; some SMP review and miscellaneous contributions¬** Some time spent reporting and pursuing some gdb bugs.=== Future ===¬** Continue SMP boot investigation.¬** Continue Thumb-2 porting support.
== Michael Casadevall (NCommander) ===== This Week ===¬** OpenOffice.org debugging continues¬** Opened dialog with ARM toolchain engineers¬** Began bisecting toolchain components between jaunty and karmic for OOo=== Future ===¬** OOo debugging continues
== Steve Kowalik (StevenK) ===== This Week ===¬** Thursday archive admin duties.¬** NBS work.¬** Sort out why images failed, giving a few things back.¬*¬* - A few times over.
== Oliver Grawert (ogra) ===== This Week ===¬*¬** Went on researching the qemu hangs when installing big tasks no outcome yet, apt hangs, if i install teh dbgsym package it doesnt hang ¬*¬** fixed remaining rootstock script bugs (one GUI bug still open)¬*¬** some more oem-config testing in rootstock images¬*¬** switched rootstock fully to archive (d-i netinst) kernel (needs some special handling under jaunty/karmic i.e. devtmpfs disabling)=== Future ===¬*¬** final rootstock upload¬*¬** convert rootstock testplan to gui testplan once the final upload is done¬*¬** prepare for beta1¬*¬*¬** do some FTBFS list fixes¬*¬** add a failed/succeeded stamp to livecd-rootfs to have an easier log overview page
== Minutes ==
¬** Talk started with the teams current work items for the beta 1 release: ¬*http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile-ubuntu-10.04-beta-1.html. Things look in pretty bad shape according to the graph with web office and web email contributing to 50% of the work items remaining at time of writing. Other work items need a final push to get them ready for beta 1.¬** NCommander informed the team that tuxdavis had taken over his task to investigate KDE fail to build issues. The team were happier with KDE on ARM as some problems had been fixed. Riddell mentioned that tuxdavis had concluded that there was a fault in the toolchain and kdebindings, kdeedu and other non kde packages were affected. Riddell had produced a fix for kdebinding by not compiling smoke on ARM.¬** ogra mentioned that debootstap was broken at the moment due to glib which was being pulled into minimal builds because of plymouth.¬** Talk moved to the state of the Freescale kernel. cooloney said he had sent a patch to ogra for bug #531696 which ogra committed to forwarding on. There was still work to be done on the regulators and patches were missing. cooloney went on to say that he had recieved a patch which would break the kernel and that he was working on bug 457878.¬** cooloney continued his Freescale report by informing the team that he had to backport 5 patches from the 2.6.33 kernel to the Freescale 2.6.31 kernel to add kexec support for armv7.¬** ericm reported on the state of the Marvell kernel. Apparently Marvell had release a set of patches this week and ericm had got them to apw in time for kernel freeze. The patches contained kexec fixes, basic Android support and block memory management functionality (a block memory management for physically contiguous memory allocation for their GPU/VPU acceleration).¬** To continue, ericm stated that Marvell knew about recent sound issues (such as bug 528524) and were working on it.¬** Sound issues seem to be prevalent on both boards, the team committed to looking closely into this.¬** Talk moved to the status of QA. GrueMaster reported that image building was ‚Äėhit and miss‚Äô. Hibernate was working on Dove and there were no real issues to report. iMX51 had no issues either apart from the reported sound problems. plars indicated that he was working on checkbox checks.¬** GrueMaster said that he had been working on likewise testing. ogra stated that GrueMaster should coordinate with the server team as they also had a likewise effort.¬** Porting and FTBFS issues was the next topic. asac mentioned that he had a fix for libpst and was working on a squid fix. asac highlighted other packages that needed attention and dyfet committed to looking into fixing them.¬** Talk moved to the Google Summer of Code program. The team bounced around a couple of project idea‚Äôs but nothing concrete was finalized.¬*
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