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Old 02-17-2010, 09:17 AM
Jamie Bennett
Default Mobile Team Weekly Summary, 2010-02-16


The weekly activity reports and meeting minutes from the mobile team are
now available. They can be viewed online at the following links and are
reproduced in full below.

Activity Reports:


Meeting Minutes:


= Weekly Reports =
== Jamie Bennett (JamieBennett) ==
=== This Week ===
* Investigated casper preseed regression due to recent changes. Turns out to be a product of closing the debconf-communicate channel in the wrong way which leads to the database still being open.
* More testing of the 2D launcher.
* Thumb2 research and mini-sprint with the team.
* Suspend/Hibernate testing on iMX51, now works.
* Blogged about the new casper changes - http://www.linuxuk.org/2010/02/ubuntu-live-cds-now-33-faster/
* Mythbuntu documentation work.
* General team admin, monthly team report, meeting minutes, e.t.c.

=== Future ===
* Imaging testing and bug hunting.
* Mythbuntu bug fixing and official documentation proof-reading/editing.
* Finish off packaging work started this week.
* Blog about the new 2D launcher UI.
* Give a talk to a local ARM embedded Linux business about Ubuntu and the work we are doing on ARM platforms.

== Michael Casadevall (NCommander) ==
=== This Week ===
* Worked for two days from Lexington office
* Began investigation into OOo building issues on ARM and GCC 4.4
* Did work on improving ARM softbootloader to the point of installable proof-of-concept package
* Worked with OEM on showing them how to bring up their Dove boards.
* Investigated making erlang Thumb-2 safe
* Code uses handwritten ARM ASM for bindings, and does direct pointer manipulation in addition to generating its own code. Postponed due to OOo taking higher priority.

=== Future ===
* OOo investigation continues
* imx51 board bringups

== David Sugar (dyfet) ==
=== This Week ===
* Investigated some mono issues
* Trained persia to do some ARM porting
* Worked on gmp arm issue and new arm patch for boost1.40
* Investigated parrot arm issues; generates arm code
* Finished desktop blueprint on sipwitch

=== Future ===
* Monday is holiday, Friday will be at scale/8x
* Finish gmp issues and more arm porting issues

== Paul Larson (plars) ==
=== This Week ===
* Transferred the Pairwise testscases and tests from iso tracker to http://pairwise.qa.ubuntu.com
* Submitted a patch for the QA website to add support for the new netbook-armel images. This has already been merged, so everything should be all set for Alpha 3 testing when it begins
* Did some testing on netbook-launcher-efl, submitted some bugs
* Implemented some more tests for the suspend/resume testing blueprint, which has already uncovered some bugs:
* bug #521156 - pluging usb devices while suspended causes crash
=== Future ===
* Finish up suspend/resume testing
* Setup and testing on some new hardware that arrived

== Tobin Davis (GrueMaster) ==
=== This Week ===
* Used extra Dove Y1 boards for pair testing and UNE testing. Posted several bugs so far. Bugs are being marked as invalid due to rapidly changing packages, some of which have little relevance to the bug filed.
* Ran OLVER test suit on imx51 running karmic. Need to compare final results, but noticed segfaults during test execution prompted a rebuild on imx51 to see if it is a platform anomoly. Will do 3 way comparison of final results.
* Will run lsb tests on Dove X0/Lucid as soon as it becomes available. Will also run on imx51 in parallel for comparison.
* Getting some feedback from LSB developers on T2C report generation. Currently, tests run and results are fed into a single large XML file. Would like to have scripts that generate html summary.

=== Future ===
* Get Dove X0 running.
* T2C Test report automation
* OLVER Test result verification from Linux Foundation. May reduce number of tests to match lsb production test suite 4.0 to eliminate false failures (about half the current tests).
* Somehow document the time spent on QA testing.

== Emmet Hikory (persia) ==
* Learn lots about Thumb2 porting, and try a couple packages (with success in the case of lwp)
* Investigate a strange build-dependencies installation failure for kdebindings (without success )
* Look at schroot FTBFS, also scan for give-back opportunities for armel
* Review state of liquid stuff to try to figure out what can be part of lucid (by FF)

== Oliver Grawert (ogra) ==
=== This Week ===
* debugging rootstock oem-config integration for the various frontends
(very time consuming, still lots of oem-config bugs spotted)
* started rootstock gui (mockup under
http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/rootstock-gui.png )
* reviewed pm-utils scripts, nothing that gets in our way on armel (yay)
* plenty of ftbfs give backs
* tested nebook-launcher-efl (some bugs not filed yet (font or icon size
not adjustable, plugged devices dont show up in the launcher etc))

=== Future ===
* finish rootstock gui to be suitable for FF
* turn non FF critical items of rootstock into bugs for proper tracking
* still need to collect more detailed vendor info for idle power
expectations on imx51
* post FF: upstream uboot patches for imx51

== Dave Martin (dmart) ==
=== This Week ===
* Had a call with some ARM and Ubuntu guys re browser benchmarking.
It seems there may be not much more we can do for now because of the lack of public rendering speed benchmarks.
* Much wiki writing at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/Thumb2PortingHowto
* Thumb-2 porting IRC sprint with members of the mobile team. This seemed useful; should plan for another this week.
* Spent some time tracking kernel patches to fix the Xorg/pixman video corruption problem -- now posted tohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/507503
* Keeping an eye on Thumb-2 bugs and fixes.

=== Future ===
* Schedule another Thumb-2 porting session.
* Fill the remaining gaps in the Thumb-2 porting wiki.
* Try to bring lucid up on an SMP platform.

== Alexander Sack (asac) ==
* fixed mono for armel
* organize thumb2 sprint
* sponsor boost1.40, bluez, firefox, djvulibre
* webmail integration
* found a good .ini file with plenty of webmail readers
* implemented treeview for displaying webmail options
* started to implement on-demand favicon feature so we don't need to ship non-free/trademarked icons for google et such
* office integration
* discussing options with team and desktop team
* release team meeting preparations and attendance
* assigned couple of thumb2 porting bugs to team members.

Other contributions:
* coordinated with ArneGoetje on localized search feature for firefox
* emergency fix for busted langpacks during weekend lp:521876
* get ubufox with yahoo default search provider finished
* call on modemmanager with connman integration
* discuss modemmanager 0.4 roadmap with upstream: focus on roaming, cleaning up dbus apis and other nice things - started to draft freedesktop wiki.

== Steve Kowalik (StevenK) ==
* General recovery from the sprint and terrible flights home.
* A bunch of NBS work, since the list is growing at an unfortunate pace.
* Pull apart go-home-applet, investigating why it is tied to netbook-launcher.
* Keep an eye on images, particularly their size and build times.
* Preliminary work in adding a whole bunch of languages to our images, but not cause a large blow out on i386.
* Thursday archive admin duties.

== Minutes ==
* New Marvell hardware is starting to proliferate to the team and a commitment was made to test for the gnome-panel bug that was evident on older hardware revisions.
* Talk moved onto rescheduling the meeting again. No real conclusion was made. persia didn't receive many responses to his call for a more appropriate time so the team decided to revisit the item again before the end of this cycle.
* JamieBennett mentioned that he had blogged about the new 2D launcher at http://www.linuxuk.org/2010/02/the-new-ui-for-arm-based-ubuntu-devices/and the casper speed-up changes at http://www.linuxuk.org/2010/02/ubuntu-live-cds-now-33-faster/
* The team discussed filling up the cd image with extra language packs if room permitted. ogra informed the team that the best time to do this would be just before the beta's and the rest of the team agreed.
* asac reported that the thumb2 mini team sprint went well and that there was a plan to have another. asac took up the action item to arrange the next one.
* Talk moved to work items. It seems there are some work items that need more work, asac and JamieBennett agreed to discuss the web office blueprint after the meeting.
* ericm stated that the Marvell kernel was in pretty good shape with the major outstanding issues being with suspend/resume and hibernate. (bug 516811 and bug 509006). Issues with kexec were still unresolved but were drawing to a conclusion.
* plars indicated that he would like a launchpad team to track bugs related to the ARM image but not exclusive to ARM, a good example of this is the new 2D netbook launcher we have seen this cycle. It was concluded that ubuntu-mobile would do this.
* dyfet and persia reported that they had some success with Thumb2 issues last week with a fix and upload of boost.
* Talk moved to the KDE fail to build issues. More investigation is needed to discover what was happening and NCommander took up the action to do this.
* ogra reported that ARM images were broken due to a problem with cheese.

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