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Old 02-09-2010, 06:28 PM
Jamie Bennett
Default Mobile Team Weekly Summary, 2010-02-09


The weekly activity reports and meeting minutes from the mobile team are
now available. They can be viewed online at the following links and are
reproduced in full below.

Activity Reports:

http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2010/20100209#Weekly Reports

Meeting Minutes:


= Weekly Reports =
== Jamie Bennett (JamieBennett) ==
=== This Week ===
* Ubuntu platform sprint, great to work face-to-face with the team.
* Managed to finish off the 2D launcher spec and now we have a great
looking UI in the images.
* Testing and filed bugs against the new 2D UI.
* Worked on finishing up the Casper speed-up spec. Managed to finish it
with cjwatson's help and now live images are booting 33% faster.
* Worked on office webservice integration for ARM UNE.
* Team discussions and other unspecified work.

=== Future ===
* Bug hunting, general Ubuntu work, spec monitoring and UI/Casper

== Alexander Sack (asac) ==
* work with dyfet on boost thumb2 porting; sponsored
* ported evolution-data-server to thumb2
* ported mono to thumb2
* investigated mono breakage due to ulimit limit on builders; tried to
tweak ulimit on jocote; mono fails in other places
* discuss mono bindings for indicator-applet with kenvandine; seems we
won't get rid of it in short term
* work with JamieBennett on office webservice integration for arm une
* work on UI for email webservice integration for arm une
* participate debugging of thumb2 dove bugs during sprint

=== other contributions ===
* work on thunderbird 3.0 with micahg
* coordinate update of thunderbird-locales
* evaluate issues with orig.tar.gz creation for tbird tags using
* connman update for debian/ubuntu

== Emmet Hikory (persia) ==
* Extend mk-sbuild-lv and pbuilder-dist to support easy emulated
building on armel with common tools
* Package and test support for DisplayLink USB video devices for use as
projectors or form-factor testing on other hardware

== Steve Kowalik (StevenK) ==
* Successfully built armel images for UNE, and disable ubuntu-desktop
images for armel.
* Work with the desktop team in terms of UNE seed changes for armel.
* Discuss changes with the DX team, in terms of failures of new
components to build on armel.

== Michael Casadevall (NCommander) ==
* Did X0 stability testing on both old and new kernel
* Debugging APT counters running backwards on Dove
* Worked with Marvell in debugging and creation of a silicon patch that
makes VFP behavior consistent across all ARM architectures
* Tested UNE-2D on Dove/X0
* Confirmed vldr execution hang bug didn't exist on X0 as best as
* likewise-open porting continues (although limited work due to sprint
and Marvell dove testing)
* Confirmed that X0 is image-compatible with Y0/Y1

== Oliver Grawert (ogra) ==
=== This Week ===
* sprint travelling
* work on rootstock offline image builder:
* add support for manifest (packagelist) file
* add get_vm_kernel function to use the packaged versatile kernel from
* add package caching options for complete offline mode after first
* change user/password handling to default to use oem-config on first
boot of an image instead of hardcoding them at image creation
* create a tasksel gtk ui to be included in teh rootstock-gui project
* drop debootsrap version checks and various obsolete code bits
* switch to noninteractive debian frontend (will get preseed file
support soon too)
* move locale handling to read /etc/default/locale from host instead
of env
* update documentation
* lots of FTBFS givebacks
* redboot update to latest freescale drop (now that we decided to not
go with uboot)
* various image tests for babbage (imx51)

=== Future ===
* finish rootstock gui
* finish work on oem-config integration in rootstock
* add preseed file support to rootstock
* turn non FF critical items of rootstock into bugs for proper tracking
* finish the two remaining powermanagement spec tasks (check pm-utils
scripts, collect idle power stats, the latter depends on vendors
shipping info and might extend beyond FF)

== Paul Larson (plars) ==
=== This Week ===
* Narrowed down bug #412959 to -O1 triggering the problem, and this now
has a workaround in the package
* Fixed the pybootchart gui crash on armel
* Tested lots of kernels on Dove to see if bugs were fixed by them
* Tested a new kernel on imx51
* Made some progress on the suspend/resume blueprint
* Activated pairwise tests on iso tracker, sent email to ubuntu-mobile
mailing list announcing the project
* Packaged moserial, and uploaded to revu
* sent a man page and some other changes to upstream maintainer,
which he has already integrated

=== Future ===
* Add the new netbook armel images to iso tracker before Alpha 3
* Transition the pairwise testing to a new iso tracker for that
explicit purpose
* Work on suspend/resume blueprint

== Tobin Davis ==
=== This Week ===
* Helped Michael with narrowing down the apt counter issue.
* Worked with Emmett on the lsb-lib testing. Implemented the changes
recommended by the the engineers at the Linux Foundation.
* Met with several team members outside Mobile that were looking for
tools to stress the processor, given my testing background at Intel.
* Gathered up all of the Marvel systems to make return shipping easier
(and to make it easier for the team flying home).
* Preliminary testing of new UNE image.
=== Future ===
* While I wait for info to return the Marvel boards, I will utilize
them to enable more testing and lsb-lib development. So far they have
proven good enough for this task.
* Switching testing modes from desktop to UNE.
* Get OLVER and T2C testing fixed and running on karmic & lucid.

== David Sugar ==
=== This Week ===
* Resolved arm alternate media blueprint and built preliminary canola2
lucid package
* Resolved some ftbfs including boost
* Tried qemu-static-arm from lucid, still lacks support needed for x86
* Worked on libv4l and Marvell specific issues

=== Future ===
* Arm porting issues for thumb2 and arm ftbfs issues
* Some small improvement in canola2 package for submission

== Minutes ==
* cooloney informed the team that he had continued work on the
backporting of Lucid kernel patches. He noted that some were merged such
as modules.builtin and he would continue work on the ubuntu/ directory
and AppArmor as soon as it was available. He also indicated that he was
working on USB and ethernet issues (such as bug #457878) on iMX51.
* Gnome-Panel crashes that the team had been seeing on recent images
was reported to be fixed. ericm was given an action item to smoke test
the Dove image as he is the only one with hardware. plars indicated that
he had tested hardware at the sprint but further testing was needed.
* cooloney confirmed that our chip revision discovery method is the
correct one after talking with Freescale.
* persia took an action item to investigate into moving the team IRC
meeting to a more universally acceptable time.
* asac lead the talk into the current status of the teams work item
burndown chart:
http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile-lucid-alpha-3.html. StevenK mentioned the mobile-lucid-arm-une spec was blocked on other specs and that he would talk to seb about the gnome-games spec later.
* The size of the current ARM images was discussed. Dove was currently
at 491MB and iMX51 at 520MB. The team decided to pack the remaining
space with more language packs nearer the final release date.
* plars reported that he had setup a place for pairwise testing on iso
tracker (http://pairwise.qa.ubuntu.com/) and sent information to the
mailing list.
* JamieBennett informed the team that the default UI for ARM has now
been switched to the 2D launcher which uses EFL libraries. Initial
indications are good on the performance of the new UI but there are a
few bugs. [[AlexanderSack|asac]] committed to blogging about the new UI.
* JamieBennett also mentioned that work on Casper had lead to a 33%
boot speed increase in all cd images, not just ARM ones. JamieBennett
committed to blogging about the speed increases.
* Work on the FTBFS list continued. dyfet and asac mentioned they were
working on mov related items. asac committed to filing mov related bugs
and assigning them to the team. NCommander noted that now python-qt4 was
fixed, the list should be in a better shape.
* Talk of a Mobile Team mini Thumb2 sprint nearer the beta-2 release
date was initiated by dmart, the team thought it would be a good idea.
* ian_brasil detailed the current state of Ubuntu Liquid remix. It was
deemed not read for the Lucid timeframe but the team would continue to
package dependencies in universe where possible and where not, into a
ppa ready for Lucid+1.


Jamie Bennett
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