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Jamie Bennett 01-27-2010 03:01 PM

Mobile Team Weekly Summary, 2010-01-19

Sorry for this belated posting of last weeks minutes, I was travelling
and didn't manage to get it off.


The weekly activity reports and meeting minutes from the mobile team are
now available. They can be viewed online at the following links and are
reproduced in full below.

Activity Reports: Reports

Meeting Minutes:

= Weekly Reports =
== Jamie Bennett (JamieBennett) ==
=== This Week ===
* Worked a little with 2D launcher dependencies. Team has committed to
handling Embryo's bugs in Ubuntu so this unblocks other MIR's that
depended on this decision.
* Tied up Alpha-2 blueprints are re-targeted where necessary.
* Lucid Alpha-2 testing on Laptop (Dell XPS-M1330).
* Admin work and lots of research.

=== Future ===
* Work on Alpha-3 blueprints.

== Alexander Sack (asac) ==
=== Spec Work ===
* chromium licensing ... latest round; writing hi-level dep-5 wrapper
* suggest patch for host_arch detection for chromium - got applied; in
dropped one more arm patch from our chromium packaging branch
* start to experiment with firefox PGO optimization; next week there
should be results/progress
* started to work on mailto: wrapper with wizard for email webservice

=== Team Work ===
* report release team meeting
* cleanup blueprint syntax to allow us switching to new WI-Tracker
* helping on u-boot evaluation

=== Other ===
* process MIRs for libiphone, usbmuxd, libplist and performed a light
code review for usbmuxd
* review/upload/sponsor connman 0.45
* committed working bits for firefox all-in-one-package required for
PGO optimization
* discussed migration of langpack-o-matic po2xpi processor to its new
* reviewed micahg's work on thunderbird 3.0 for lucid.

== Tobin Davis (GrueMaster) ==
=== Mobile QA Testing ===
* Spent most of the week with Alpha 2 testing on Babbage 3. Alternate
image testing requires more time, as there are a lot more variables to test.
* Spent aboult half a day trying to narrow down the issues with the
dove images to no avail. Older live images would hang before I could
get a full instalation completed. Based on new info from Marvell, it
appears to be a silicon issue, so I'm not sure what more I could do to
help troubleshoot this issue.
* Filed a couple of bugs on the installers. One bug (507286) causes
the installer to get stuck in an internal loop, the other is in the
Debian installer where the system times out before getting a dhcp ip
address (507628).

=== Future ===
* Will start installing and testing various apps in the main
repository this week.
* Finalize testing and packaging of the mobile-lsb-lib-testing spec.
* With Dove currently limited to non-gui testing, may start remote
testing of X apps to see what all can be run.

== Dave Martin (dmart) ==
=== Done ===
* Browser benchmarking
* Forwarded Chromium and ff-3.6 benchmark results via mail.

* v7/Thumb-2 porting
* Went through the package
[[|review list]] in
main with asac, and filtered out many packages.
* Proposed a patch for blcr (atomics using swp and kuser helper calls
--- see [[|Bug #503185]];
not top priority, but a useful example for some issues commonly

=== TODO ===
* List of packages of packages to review for v7/Thumb-2 compatibility:
* Prioritise packages for main
* Review the universe list (lower priority)

== Emmet Hikory (persia) ==
* Liquid packaging review / team packaging training
* Address plymouth ports FTBFS

== Steve Kowalik (StevenK) ==
* Sort out the nvidia mess in the NEW queue.
* Some NBS work.
* More testing of the ubuntu-netbook image.
* Prepare to hand-off ubuntu-netbook to the desktop team. *sniff*

== Paul Larson (plars) ==
=== This Week ===
* Fixed an upstream issue with LTP that was preventing it from
building on Lucid
* Alpha 2 iso testing:
* Completed all iso tracker tests on imx51 A2 image, filed a few
bugs and gathered debug data
* Attempted testing with dove A2 image - test failed, still
debugging this problem
* Testing on alternate images
* Tested a new kernel from Bryan Wu to see if it helped with bug
#456659 (suspend/resume), or 458537 (hibernate) - both bugs are still
present in the new kernels

=== Future ===
* Create virtual milestones for pairwise testing, put tests into
tracker database
* Bringup testing and results posting
* work onsuspend/resume testcases
* Debugging on Dove hang problem

== David Sugar (dyfet) ==
=== This Week ===
* Fixed dmucs ftbfs for arm, sponsored
* Worked on blcr ftbfs on arm, issues to be resolved upstream in debian
* Worked on freecad & libv4l ftbfs on arm
* Tested and upgraded to A2 on imx51 box
* Failed to get A2 on dove
* Desktop domain calling/MOTU related spec work

=== Future ===
* A2 dove issues
* More ftbfs stuff
* Package acceptance of sipwitch (low pri)

== Oliver Grawert (ogra) ==
=== This Week ===
* research uboot issues wrt NIC bringup and MMC initialization
* experiment with boot.scr scripts under uboot-imx
* compare uboot 2009.01 and .08 versions and their code differences
* enable hush shell and ext2 support in uboot-imx
* work out different kinds of hush shell bootscripts to iterate over Sd
card partitons
* create dd'able test images of uboot-imx for tests on different board

=== Future ===
* upload a reversed uboot-imx version 2009.01, since the current 2009.08
version has to many issues
* set proper defaults to automatically initialize MMC and iterate over
partitions until a boot.scr can be loaded
* add boot.scr creation to our image creation script
* move rootstock branches to team maintenance
* start lucid related improvements/changes on rootstock script

== Michael Casadevall (NCommander) ==
=== This week ===
* Lost most of the week due to sick leave
* Looking at porting likewise to ARM, made some progress

=== Future ===
* Finish working on likewise and other FTBFS's
* continue working on Dove stability issues
* Catch up on loosing most of last week

== Minutes ==
* persia informed the team that results of investigations into iMX51
kernel back-porting was partly available at:
* dmart responded to the action item to investigate test procedures
that may work on dove by saying that he found no specific ones but a
general GCC bootstrap / testsuite would be best. NCommander told the
team that the dove images were too unstable to test at the moment,
possibly due to a silicon bug in the board itself.
* Talk went on in-depth about what could be causing gnome-panel/system
freezing issues on dove. ericm thought it maybe related to the VLDR
instruction in thumb mode. The team discussed work-around's and an
action item was taken to discuss this more after the meeting.
* ogra was happy to report that OpenOffice didn't need to be removed
from the seeds as it no longer caused a problem.
* The burn-down chart has changed considerably in the last few days
and asac asked the team to check it as best they could. asac planned to
go through the list himself too.
* Talk went on to kernel issues. cooloney informed the team that he
had tested the Alpha-2 kernel and 30+ new kernel patches and they all
worked fine. He also indicated that he had an initial fix for NEON
detection and the team were testing it. Discussion continued on whether
this was a reliable form of checking the board revision on the iMX51
platform. The conclusion was that if it cannot be done reliably we
should drop NEON altogether. More investigations are needed.
* NCommander informed the team that there were a few important
packages that are currently failing to build. asac requested that dyfet
and NCommander work together to resolve the issues.
* ericm raised the issue that xorg was improperly named in
pool/main/x/xorg. NCommander took the action item to investigate this.
* Talk shifted to Ubuntu Liquid. persia and rbelem had worked
packaging along with riddell and this was continuing.
* plars and GrueMaster discussed QA status and were praised for their
full Alpha-2 test coverage including the alternate images.
* Changing the 13:00 UTC schedule of the meeting was raised by
GrueMaster. The team agreed to continue discussions after the meeting.

Jamie Bennett
Ubuntu Mobile Developer

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