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Gary Thomas 01-20-2010 11:19 AM

Poulsbo (GMA500) problems
I'm running the Polusbo driver (PPA based) as described on
this page:
This is on 9.10 with the 2.6.31-17 kernel.

It mostly works and is a great improvement over non-accelerated X.

However, I have a problem when booting. When X initially starts,
it seems to query my monitor for capabilities - lots of screen
flashes, etc. Only after I get fully logged in does it settle
down and use the display setup I chose (1024x768-70Hz). This
behaviour is OK on a CRT, but it drives my LCD panels nuts!
So much so that they always check out and the boot hangs.

Is there some option I can give this driver to keep it from
doing this? Maybe specify only a particular display layout?
I have to deploy this to a big-screen projector which I know
will not work under these circumstances, so finding a solution
is pretty important.

Is there some list or contact at Intel or Phoronix that knows
about this driver?

Thanks for any pointers.

Gary Thomas | Consulting for the
MLB Associates | Embedded world

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