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Michael Casadevall 11-30-2009 07:32 AM

Minutes for IRC Meeting - November 24th, 2009
These are the IRC minutes for November 24th, 2009, which took place
in #ubuntu-meeting at 13:00 UTC.

The IRC log is available here:

The wiki page is available here:

Meeting Chair: Michael Casadevall (NCommander)

* Follow up to action item: asac to talk to Nokia on their
optimizations to gecko
- UI frontend code is closed, and thus unsuitable for our needs as a
mobile browser
* Image builds have failed consistantly on armel due to pulseaudio and
the kernel metapackage being broken
* pulseaudio FTBFS'ing due to forced ARMv6 compilation, and handwritten
instructions that are incompatible with Thumb2 mode
* There's been an influx of armel bugs since karmic release:
- It would be helpful with spare cycles can help cut that list down
to size.
* NCommander on vacation November 26th (Thanksgiving)-December 10th.
- December 1st meeting will be covered by asac
- December 7th meeting will be covered by persia
* All meeting notes will be Cc'ed to ubuntu-mobile as per UDS discussion
* SRU policy for Jaunty
- We should leave bugs that can be SRU'ed but won't due to
time-constraints open for people to look up easily
- Only bugs that fail SRU criteria should be marked Won't Fix

Action Items:

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