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Emmet Hikory 11-04-2009 03:27 AM

Wiki cleanup & Ubuntu Mobile 8.04 data
I've noticed that the Ubuntu wiki contains a confusion of material
in response to a search for "Mobile". This includes information that
is current, information that is out-of-date, informaiton that was
never correct at any time, and an overall general lack of
coordination. In the hopes of improving that, I plan to remove lots
of pages, clean up navigation, and try to ensure that what data is
present is both factually accurate and reasonably current.

One of the areas that includes the most out-of-date information
are the pages used to coordinate the efforts during the Feisty, Gutsy,
and Hardy cycles towards the first announced release of "Ubuntu Mobile
Edition" in June 2008, based heavily on Ubuntu 8.04, At the time of
that release, there was a statement of 18 months of support. This
would expire this December, but I wonder how many people still find
the data used to develop this interesting. So, if you are a user of
the Ubuntu Mobile Edition 8.04 June 2008 release, and you do find this
information helpful, please indicate what information is useful, and
how it is useful. My first thought is to just delete it, but if
someone wants it, I'd welcome assistance in moving the useful parts
into some clearly archived structure (e.g. somewhere in the
w.u.c/MID/Archives/Hardy/ namespace).

Another potentially confusing area is the interaction between
w.u.c/MobileTeam, w.u.c/EmbeddedTeam, w.u.c/MobileAndEmbedded,
w.u.c/MobileTeam/UbuntuLiquidRemix, w.u.c/MoblinRemix,
w.u.c/UbuntuMoblinRemix, w.u.c/MobileTeam/Mobile, and various
references to NetbookRemix. My plan is to move most of this around,
so that we have the following structure:

Teams (linked from


These namespaces would contain information pertaining to the
interaction of people, including meetings, plans, coordination, how to
be involved, etc. Roadmaps seem approrpriate here as they indicate
plans for people to do stuff, rather than plans for changes to a
flavour, although I'm open to other opinions.

Flavours (linked from (1)


These namespaces would contain information pertaining to the
content and expected use of the flavours, including software lists,
use cases, pointers for user support, etc. I'm intending to put any
current, relevant data labeled "MID" into the LiquidRemix namespace,
although I have doubts about how much of this is interesting.

w.u.c/UMPCEdition (not linked from w.u.c/UbuntuFlavours)

There's not that much information about this on the wiki (most
exists as a couple of blog posts), but I'll collect what exists in one
place, to ease deletion in six months (when 8.10 reaches end-of-life).
I specifically don't intend to link this from the Flavors list:
although there was significant discussion when it was dropped, I don't
know of anyone who is actively working on this class of changes, and
don't think it is best to draw attention to something soon expected to
be obsolete.

Remixes (linked from


I keep hearing about other remixes or flavours within the "Mobile"
context, but these don't seem to have the same issues with content
intermingling as those listed above. If you're someone who cares
about some other flavour or derivative, it's worth making sure there's
a link from the list page to the product page (as it's faster to fix
it than to reply complaining I missed you :) ).



A lot of this stuff is only of historical interest, and not
particularly interesting to someone browing for information about
teams, flavours, or remixes. Where it is interesting, I would expect
links from the team roadmap (plans) or from the product pages (cool
features recently introduced or closely planned for introduction).

Hardware-specific data:

Where this isn't specific to a current flavour, I7ll drop it.
Where it is specific to a flavour or remix (test reports, known
issues, etc.), I'll add it to a specific flavour or remix namespace.

Architecture-specific data:


Most of this pages about bootstrapping lpia or circa 2007 notes on
potential future lpia hardware roadmaps. I expect the majority of it
to be completely irrelevant on an ongoing basis, and lpia hardware
roadmaps are better reviewed from the many technology news and
commentary sites on the internet. There's a bit of ARM stuff, but the
ARM page needs a serious refresh anyway. There's a bit here and there
about i386 and some comments on other processors used in historical
PDAs and handhelds, not supported by Ubuntu, but most of this can
probably be dropped, or merged into w.u.c/${TEAM}/History/ somewhere.

Undefined Rambling plans, etc.

Most of this is very historical, related to some of the early
determinations of how "Mobile" was to be defined within Ubuntu, and
may include links to a wide variety of (outdated or no longer present)
external roadmaps, documentation, strategies, press releases, etc.).
I plan to just delete it, except where something appears to be of
significant historical interest, in which case I may migrate it to
somewhere under w.u.c/${TEAM}/History/. If you have a favorite page
in this category, please suggest how it ought be preserved.

Does anyone have concerns about the proposed structure?
Suggestions on how to make it easier to find relevant data quickly?
Favorite data that might be deleted during the execution of the above

A last issue is the out-of-date nature of the data. I'm unsure if
this is just laziness, lack of active secretaries within the relevant
teams, related to confusing coordination between different people
teams and product teams, or something completely different. While
I'll commit to trying my best to get pages up-to-date during the
process of review and cleanup, I encourage discussion about strategies
to ensure that we are able to maintain useful data on our wiki about
our teams and products.

1: Please ignore the names: despite being called "Remix", these are
both full flavours in that 1) the metapacakges are within Ubuntu, 2)
they are defined in the relevant task and image construction packages
(aside from bug 456561)


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