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Tobin Davis 03-17-2009 02:06 PM

Mobile Activity Report for March 4-11
= Emmet Hikory =

== Mobile ==

* Prepared syslinux SRU to address gfxboot issues with VFAT images

* Discovered my moblin analysis script was run-once, and spent a couple

days trying to get it to run again and generate useful output

* Prepared casper update to show "install" on Home for MID

* Continued work on oem-config to match experience to desktop usage

= Michael Casadevall =

== ARM ==

* * Visit to Freescale Semiconductors

* * Babbage enablement

*** - Retrieved and released most recent redboot source

*** - Worked out the build magic to build RedBoot binaries

*** - Tweaked redboot source code to be able to boot a 2.6.28 kernel (the

binaries from FSL don't seem to work)

*** - Successfully build a 2.6.28 kernel for Babbage and booted it from FSL

source code.

* * Relayed FSL concerns w.r.t. to pulseaudio, gnome-keyring, and targeting

ARMv5 to the Mobile team.

* * Completed jax10 kernel testing (with exception of posting lpia dmesg)

= Loc Minier =

== Oxford Desktop Testing Automation Sprint ==

* Installed UNR on an EeePC701 and filed a good list of bugs for

** various issues, either hardware specific or affecting all UNR

** installs; device really needs love, and lacks some GPL drivers to be

** fully operational; tested fix for a couple of gfxboot bugs with help

** of Tobin

* Spent some time with Tobin and David as well as with the QA folks

== ARM ==

* FIS/FConfig work aimed at SD card images

** - Searched tools to read/write RedBoot FIS partitions and RedBoot

**** FConfig data; harder than it sounds; fortunately located one thanks

**** to NSLU2 folks

** - Contacted upstream about licensing and maintenance

** - Started patching fconfig for various bugs and

**** trying to get it to write fconfig data from scratch; gave up on that

**** last new feature as it was too ugly code to implement properly in C,

**** so I'd have to rewrite it

** - Started a Perl implementation of; good progress but was

**** distracted

* * Discussed building RedBoot natively

* * Filed ticket about P-a-s being out of date

* * Filed ticket to apply VFP quirks on our buildd and porter box

*** kernels; various exchanges with IS to help there

* * Added VFP pass to pango1.0's Debian SVN; disabled in Debian for now,

*** will enable and push when a) we get fixed kernels on the buildds and

*** b) I submit the glibc hwcaps changes

* * Poked Pango upstream about which performance benchmarks to run

*** against this -- the differences with calls to pango-view or gtkperf

*** were not visible

* * Looked into providing a patch stack for cairo as well, moving the

*** packaging to a VCS first

* * Wrote up a status for the iMX51 kernel for Alpha 6

* * Ordered replacement jax10 from SFR

* * Reported and collected profiling info on ckbcomp's slowness on armel

*** thanks to cjwatson

== Misc ==

* UNR planning call with sabdfl, dbarth, repete, and njpatel; passed

** info to davidm and StevenK as Steve will be continue being the Ubuntu

** Platform representative for UNR questions in karmic

= Steve Kowalik =

* Thursday archive admin duties

* Talk about and then sponsor a syslinux SRU to fix a bug with the MID

and UNR images for Jaunty.

* Get the CD build machine upgraded to the new syslinux.

* Do a bunch of seed cleanup for UNR.

* Update two UNR packages

* Update python-hildondesktop for Python 2.6

* Make certain ubuntu-mid is installable after fixing python-hildondesktop.

= Tobin Davis =

== QA Testing ==

* received Acer Aspire One for UNR testing/development/debug.* Immediately purged major virus from Redmond and installed UNR.

==Oxford Sprint ==

* Met with some other members working in various QA positions.

* Discussed regression tracking systems, finalized on a hybrid of two well laid out systems.

* Discussed ldtp usage and extendability.

* Wrote preliminary automation script for Cheese application during Individual breakout sessions.

* Hit bug #297890 in Cheese when developing test script.

* Started developing script for F-Spot

* Received AR to start LSB testing on previous point releases of Jaunty on MID and UNR.

* Received AR to investigate OpenOffice test automation for MID.

= Oliver Grawert =

* bug: #336770 confirmed to be fixed (did several time consuming test

installs on NSLU2) (4-8h each)

* bug: #328167 still no further findings, upstream of

gnome-keyring-daemon didnt answer yet ...

* assemble and release first handrolled babbage image on

* researching breakage with imx51 kernel if aufs/apparmor is enabled in

the kernel

* researching issue with useradd enforcing password update if "last

changed" field in /etc/shadow is zero (which breaks livefs builds on

systems where the clock is at 01011970)

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Ian 03-17-2009 02:28 PM

Mobile Activity Report for March 4-11
Thanks for the report!

> * received Acer Aspire One for UNR testing/development/debug.* Immediately
> purged major virus from Redmond and installed UNR.
If only life were so simple :)



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Dave Morley 03-19-2009 09:03 AM

Mobile Activity Report for March 4-11
On Thu, 2009-03-19 at 02:02 +0000, (``-_-) -- BUGabundo wrote:
> Ol Tobin e a todos.
> On Tuesday 17 March 2009 15:06:04 Tobin Davis wrote:
> > Immediately purged major virus from Redmond and installed UNR.
> Its not a virus.
> Virus tend to be *efficient*
Lets face facts if you had a virus that needed 2 gig of ram to run
properly you may notice that you'd been infected :)
Seek That Thy Might Know
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