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Oliver Grawert 12-01-2008 10:49 AM

Activity report mobile-team: Nov 20 - Nov 26

here the weekly activity report for the ubuntu mobile team for last

Steve Kowalik (StevenK):

* Short week, holiday on Friday through to Tuesday.
* More hacking on image building.
* Get my ARM development board up and running.
* Sort out my remaining merges, preparing them locally.

Emmet Hikory (persia):

* On vacation

Loc Minier (lool):

(Report for Nov 13 - Nov 26 )

== Mobile ==

* Filed UDS sessions / blueprints
* Dug out the SATA patch to get jax10s working on intrepid
* Boot time call with OEM services, keybuk and cjwatson
* Made sure we had merged kernels bits to fix S3 issue in hardy MID +
intrepid + jaunty (we had) and merged the pm-utils ht disabling patch
for S3 to hardy and intrepid ubuntu-mobile ppa; it's not clear
whether we want the latter for jaunty as a) it's only a workaround b)
it's not enough
* Tried looking into some armel issues, in particular spent some time
looking at KDE packages, but a) couldn't push the new upstream which
builds in intrepid-backports but FTBFS in jaunty (and is missing in
jaunty, weird for a backport IMO) b) couldn't get the other new
upstream releases which are "private" to the KDE packagers until they
officially come out -- these have now been pushed. While I'm at it I
should mention that there are some build-dep loops which block a
group of lpia intrepid kde packages from ever building.

== Misc ==

* Misc travel stuff (had to rebook at the last minute), expenses etc.
* More libv4l sponsoring; pushed libv4l SRU
* Looked into documenting Requires.private in pkg-config, fixing the
testsuite and more, until I realized that parts of this was already
done upstream which I just failed to find (only found a very old CVS
and not git, but finally found the bzr tree -- sigh). Need to
revisit this to merge my work with upstream's.

Oliver Grawert (ogra):

* More spec preparation
* Lots of ARM archive shepherding
* Started looking at the moodle merge
* Some LTSP fixes
* Some package sponsoring

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