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Loc Minier 10-31-2008 01:32 PM

Oct 24 - Oct 31
Hi there,

== Meeting ==

Mobile team had its weekly IRC meeting the 30th; see:
Mootbot log/minutes not yet available. Only for

StevenK, ogra, persia, davidm, davmor2, lool, Burgundavia,

== Activity reports ==
=== Emmet Hikory ===
==== Mobile ====

* Testing of -mid and -umpc installs
* Preparing specification list for Jaunty development
* Identification of changes required for -mobile -> -umpc rename

=== Steve Kowalik ===

* Upgrade my laptop to Intrepid. Fight getting some stuff off it.
* Look at fixing Dates more.
* Merge Loic's changes to Kourou, testing them, merging them, and
uploading them.
* Sponsor an abiword change for NCommander/Cody Sommerville, fixing a
* Multiple uploads of Kourou fixing a bunch of bugs.
* Try and fix a whole mash of RC bugs fixed in Debian, and not fixed in
Ubuntu, file a bunch of syncs, and hit tenth on the UTU list.
* Clean up my build box for the Coming Of Jaunty.
* Test Ubuntu MID and UMPC installs a whole bunch of times.

=== Oliver Grawert ===

* ongoing task: release image testing of umpc and mid
* renaming of -mobile to -umpc
* working out the publisher script changes to have -mid on releases.u.c
* various bugfixes to -mid
- launcher: icon blurryness
- launcher: translation and utf8 support
- ubquity keymap errors
* release note stuff for unsolved bugs

=== Loic Minier ===
==== Mobile ====

* Late chasing of critical bugs in UMPC and MID images; fixed couple of
issues in kourou
* ISO testing
* Update Hardy Ubuntu MID langpacks
* Catchup on Hardy Ubuntu MID archive admin tasks

==== Misc ====

* Pursued sorting out ath5k/madwifi bugs
* Chased acpid init script rewrite regressions which I just understood
today as not happening on upstart as it clearenv()s; we should fix
initramfs-tools to not export / leak so much environment
* Poked hppa builds

Loc Minier

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