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Old 10-03-2008, 05:19 PM
Loïc Minier
Default Sep 5 - Sep 12

Hi there,

== Meeting ==

We had our weekly IRC meeting the 11th; see:
Mootbot log/minutes:

lool, davidm, cgregan, persia, StevenK, ogra

== Activity reports ==
=== Loïc Minier ===

==== Mobile ====

* Investigated reason for startx not allowed from upstart's job now
(/dev/console); need to test my xorg fix and push it (ok to push in
Debian); also investigated why many openvt processes were spawned and
fixed that, Xorg comes up in dailies now
* Tried out unionfs with i386's 2.6.27 to get the images booting; sent
tips to ML
* Sent fix for mobile-basic-flash creating an empty list of categories
* Misc upstream discussions around MIC, dropping obsolete platforms,
how we create images, package vs. git usage etc.
* Sponsored linux-lpia which was a pain to upload; it's big and because
it needs a lpia chroot to prepare, it's not easy to prepare from a
DC; I couldn't use kernel.u.c from rookery, seemed to be a FW issue,
but might be normal
* Dropped hildon-fm support in python-hildon to unbreak it and
moblin-media (hopefully)
* Worked on installing by matters of dpkg-diversion the exa fork which
is in the psb driver; it's absence was causing many rendering and
stability issues; unfortunately not suitable for intrepid, but only
for Ubuntu MID (hardy)

==== Desktop ====

* Mentoring / reviews / sponsoring of a couple of modules and merges
* Some updates (poppler, pango) and bug triage

==== Misc ====

* Slightly more in depth discussion on handling of gems / default PATH
* Trivially fixed building of tp-smapi-source for 2.6.27
* Wrote some scripts inspired by Sébastien's idea of comparing dpkg -L
output with dpkg-deb -c
* Resumed packaging of elisa 0.5.x; not a lot of progress this week

=== Steve Kowalik ===

* Crowbar an update to mobile-basic-flash together, dealing with
unclean upstream tarballs, and build failures.
* Fix up purge-old-images on antimony so old images get removed
* Sponsor two dh_installinit multiuser patches into the archive.
Promptly get flooded by build failure messages since I forgot gcc is
* Make a few images, testing changes.
* Upload new seeds, mobile-basic-flash, ubuntu-mid-default-settings and
moblin-applets to fix GTK theming and package installation issues.
* Poke at images, finding a large list of things that need fixing.
* A little NBS work.

=== Oliver Grawert ===

* netbook apps are all four in the archive now, included maximus and
netbook-launcher into the ubuntu-mobile seed/metapackage
* there are massive issues with netbook-launcher i'm trying to fix now,
sizes and positions are all hardcoded so i.e. using a 48px panel as
ubuntu-mobile does for touchscreen use requires patching (which i'm
currently working on)
* massive problems with netbook-launcher and clutter 0.8 font handling
(swallows letters all the time), i'm trying to identify whats wrong but
am slightly lost as i'm not a clutter dev
* evtouch: slow progress locally, not added to the evtouch package yet,
callout script seems to work as expected, calibration tool not
fixed/patched to work with the new setup yet
* started looking into hardy langpack updates
* set up a bzr branch to carry all our various scripts, owned by
ubuntu-mobile-dev feel free to go wild and commit your hacks and scripts
* cmpc packages (cheese/gstreamer) are source and binary NEWed and were
accepted for -proposed by the sru team waiting for test feedback ...
(everyone: gstreamer regression tests of hard-proposed packages on
normal ubuntu desktops would be appreciated)
* took new task for next week to look at hotkey support for Q1 as well
* sorting various smaller edubuntu and ltsp duties

=== Emmet Hikory ===

==== Mobile ====
* More work on the installer, including much fussing with images and
image testing, reconstructing images, modifying images, etc. Prepared
working preseed file for adjustments for Ubuntu MID, but this is prone
to misuse while bug #268593 remains, as users are able to change the
default username, which breaks X startup. Total changes to
debian-installer to properly support lpia are a now merged 2-line patch
to identify the partition layout.

* A few REVU reviews of what is now called netbook-launcher, to support
inclusion for Ubuntu Mobile. Passed licensing irregularities upstream
for consideration.

* Assistance troubleshooting issues with menu display for updated
mobile-basic-flash, and preliminary discussion of strategies to reduce
the number of provided icons, including the introduction of a "Home"
menu containing those applications expected to be used most often.

=== Chris Gregan ===

==== Ubuntu Mobile - MID ====

* UME (Intrepid)
- case updating based on new specs from StevenK and persia
- Initial daily build review

Loïc Minier

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