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David Mandala 09-08-2008 03:57 PM

Mobile Team Report 29 Aug - Sept 5th
We had our IRC weekly meeting 4 September and the minutes are on line at: with next
weeks agenda posted at:

Activity Reports
************************************************** *******************
Loc Minier
== Mobile ==

* Forwarded / pursued discussion on hildon-fm Gtk+ 2.13 upstream

* Tried out the MID dailies which are now in place
- Fixed issue with Xorg not coming up, it seems to be a change of
behavior in upstart which probably setup the vt differently in the
past (now we have to call openvt explicitly before startx)
- Looked into "apt-get update" hangs a little, pointed at kernel bug
so asked for help from Michael Frey and Amit; seems to be a bug in

* Triaged a chunk of the hardy ubuntu-mobile bugs

== Desktop ==

* Put the finger in a pygobject update from hell which seemed to be
about properly handling a new shared library, but was hit by a
serious crasher on x86-64, suggested that I should try with pygtk
2.13 which made me start this update as well which broke on the
buildd which have an optical drive connected, in the mean time I was
told the python-dbg pygobject broke as well...

* Stable glib 2.18.0

== Misc ==

* Reviewed and cleaned up cssutils packaging and pushed to Debian and
Ubuntu (new dep of elisa-plugins-bad 0.5)

* Sponsored hal and discovered buggy permission handling in

* Reported on desktop and mobile issues I knew about at release meeting
which triggered further research / discussions during the week,
notably on 2.6.27 status for lpia, and the mdns dep of jdks

************************************************** *******************
Steve Kowalik
* Work getting dailies going. Re-work parts of the scripts due to
errors on my part (shell math for the lose and other fun), or not
understanding how BuildLiveCD does things. [6h]

* Clean up antimony. David requested I copy stuff aside rather than
deleting, I have now deleted them after checking. [30m]

* Sponsor a notification-daemon upload for NCommander, discussing the
patch. [30m]

* Deal with packaging up the applications from the netbook remix team
into Intrepid, file an FFe bug for them, and have a long conversation
with Neil and Loic about the launcher. [5h]

* Deal with moblin-clutter-home, as Loics suggestion for a launcher --
after building, it is not a hildon-desktop library like
mobile-basic-flash is, so drop it as unsuitable. [6h]

* Some NBS work.

************************************************** *******************
Emmet Hikory
* Troubleshooting of daily images, and interactions with ubiquity (KVM
& live hardware)
* Construction of i386-based ubuntu-mid images (no, they don't won't so
* REVU of some code from Netbook Remix that may be useful for the
-mobile seed
* troubleshooting ubuntu-mid-default-settings session job
* Coordination with MOTU Release for delegation for Mobile-interesting
* Work on a preseed file to meet MID needs against Ubuntu Desktop
liveCD, for later application to an Ubuntu MID image when they work.

************************************************** *******************
Oliver Grawert
* wrote (which
nicely gave a good pointer to solutions for the aufs bug :) )

* cmpc packages (cheese/gstreamer) for bug #258110 fixed, tested and
uploaded to hardy-proposed (sitting in SRU process now)

* netbook apps are sitting in NEW modulo launcher, bug #263493 should be
closed tomorrow if the launcher was uploaded with new name

* lagging on bug #261873, will try to attack that on the weekend, though
there are working .fdi files attached to make i.e. the Q1 work

* lagging on testing of alternative IM clients (even though empathy is
good imho i havent tested it enough yet, especially wrt hildon)

************************************************** *******************
Chris Gregan

Ubuntu Mobile - MID

- UME (Hardy)
- 8.04.1a testing and case updating

- UME (Intrepid)
- Case cleanup, removal and addition
- Initial daily build review
- Review of TB and modest

David Mandala <davidm at canonical dot com> Public Key id: 45B2D952
Murphy TX, 75094 +1.214.774.2569 O +1.972.693.4007 C

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