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David Mandala 09-02-2008 02:54 PM

Mobile Team Report 8 Aug - 14 Aug
We had our IRC weekly meeting 14 August and the minutes are on line at: with next
weeks agenda posted at:

Activity Reports
************************************************** *******************
Loc Minier
================================================== ===================
I'm back from paternity leave now, hence the long period of coverage
for this report!

== Mobile ==

* Pursued enabling libsmbios on lpia and subsequently enabled hal's
libsmbios support on lpia; enabled prelink as well
* Upgraded some arm hardware to prepare for Ubuntu armel testing;
soldered serial console, tested misc arm kernels on my Thecus
* Some discussions on kernel topics, seeds, and general mobile tasks
for intrepid
* Phone meeting with ARM folks during the mobile sprint (well part of
* Reviewed moblin-image-creator patch stack to merge with upstream's

== Misc ==

* Canceled attendance of Extremadura Emdebian after evident lack of
answer on sponsoring but mostly as a consequence of the discussion
with key developers on debian-devel@ who expressed no interest in
supporting anything else than sid and arm (e.g. Ubuntu and armel)
* Got sponsored to attend Maemo Summit in September; will attend OSiM
world as a result as well; thanks to Nokia for the sponsoring
* Partial review of tomcat6 package
* Planned visit of David in a couple of weeks
* Paperwork for paternity leave
* Uploaded fix for yelp format string vulnerability
* Repatched in fix for 100% CPU usage of pygobject in e.g.
* Upgraded a desktop to intrepid; painful issues with keyboard and
display; looked into a subversion 1.5 backport to be able to use my
SVN checkouts from hardy

************************************************** *******************
Steve Kowalik
================================================== ===================
== Mobile ==
* Make a start on getting Intrepid dailies up, hacking scripts on
antimony, testing changes for [6h]
* Look at the udev changes USG made, and attempt to get them in place
for the private build. [2h]
* Help slangasek and pitti, and work on uploading a new libgweather.
End up getting defeated by CDBS, until Steve gets even more defeated.
* Crow bar together a package for missing codecs. When Intel said all
of the codecs were in RP4MID, I believed them. That was silly. [1h]
* Upload a new marquee-plugins, merging changes from the PPA and fixing
bug 244799. [30m]
* Make a start on repackaging the packages from the netbook-remix PPA. [2h]
* Manage to convince ume-launcher to build, discovering that it is
quite attached to clutter 0.6, and needs porting to 0.8.
* Update moblin-applets from the PPA to Intrepid, convincing it to
build against Intrepid. [1:30h]
* File an MIR against libxsettings, point pitti at it. [30m]
* A little NBS work.

************************************************** *******************
Emmet Hikory
================================================== ===================
* Short Week: Wednesday was the first day of Obon

== Mobile ==
* More work to address problem with bluetooth file sharing with Symbian
phones (now fixed in intrepid due to merge of updated bluez-utils, and
waiting finalisation for Hardy SRU)
* Overview of plans for the installer to team, and discussion of issues
related to support for devices with less than 4G secondary storage.
Support for such devices will be considered of secondary importance.
* Work to update bluez-gnome to latest upstream to match the rest of
the BlueZ stack in intrepid: currently waiting on Alpha release to avoid
possibilities of impacting CD builds.
* Spent some time trying to understand the CD build failure mail (as I
now also receive them). As it turns out, we don't generate lpia CDs
right now, but dailies are expected to start before feature-freeze.
* More work with glade to try to get ubiquity to work at 640x480
(remains unsuccessful).

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