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Old 09-02-2008, 12:43 PM
David Mandala
Default Mobile Team Report 22 Aug - 28 Aug

We had our IRC weekly meeting 28 August and the minutes are on line at:
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/Meeting/20080828 with next
weeks agenda posted at:

Activity Reports
************************************************** *******************
Loc Minier
== Mobile ==

* Poked Jeroen on translation exports for midbrowser
* Phoned Chris to discuss QA and testing for intrepid and the testing
of the hardy image updates, choice of mail client, and basically in
depth status report; we will now have this call weekly
* Reviewed final merge of MIC patches; now all merged, waiting for a
new release; also sent suggestions on fsets/platforms usage and
initramfs scripts
* Chaired a relatively wide ranging team call where we notably set a
hard deadline for daily images and installer (alpha 5); many points
remained open so we did an extra meeting on Monday with David
* Looked for webcams and bought one cheapo Logitech for testing of
Ekiga and cheese; might also buy a HD one, but I should check whether
the Q1U's webcam is supported in 2.6.27 first
* Met whole of Monday with davidm; discussed hardy/intrepid/intrepid+1
cycles, long term and past planning; we tried testing Ekiga but it
was quite impractical for many reasons
* Clarified squashfs support in the installer Emmet is working on, also
clarified usefulness of such support with David and Pat
* Updated hildon-fm and its dep hildon-thumbnail to latest upstreams
and merged Ubuntu changes in the Debian branches
* Spent a long while trying to port hildon-fm to Gtk+ 2.13's
filechooser/filesystem new internal api/abi but realized it was more
a couple of weeks of solid dev and testing, might break with next
Gtk+, might not ever be supported upstream; decided to patch modest
to build without hildon-fm in the end
* In depth review and fixes of the modest and its bdep
libwpeditor-plus' packaging; pushed around FF to allow us to select
this mail client or Thunderbird, but at least have the choice; chased
many side issues as the result (hildon-fm, hildon-thumbnail,
libtinymail *.la files, ....) and sent patch upstream; still needs
work as some strings and icons are missing
* Full review of netbook-remix-launcher's packaging (hoping for an
upload before FF)

== Misc ==

* Updated pigment and pigment-python, to prepare for elisa 0.5.x
packaging; started reviewing the huge elisa 0.3 -> 0.5 diffs, but
gave up looking for imports in them; I'm sitting down to write a
proper import scanner to solve this as I have no other way to ensure
the bdeps and deps are correct
* Checked whether I could get fglrx to build for 2.6.27 before
upgrading my laptop (under Debian as 2.6.27 was in NEW); this was
fixed in intrepid at the time I had the fix
* Cleaned up ffmpeg-debian's packaging

== Desktopish ==

* Continued discussion on evolution-rss / xulrunner fix for the crash
on exit with upstream
* Reviewed Ted's patches for fast-user-switch-applet session
integration and IM status integration in depth as well as packaging
changes and sponsored
* Gained official hat of desktop emergency issue response guy for the
week and was also asked to work on a couple of specs (the latter I
will do on a best effort basis)

************************************************** *******************
Steve Kowalik
* livecd-rootfs testing, more testing and more testing. Merged my
changes into 0.64 and uploaded it. Whew. [8h]
* Rewrite build_ume_image after a prod from Colin Watson got me
investigating mtools. It no longer requires root, so is suitable for
antimony. [2h]
* Investigation with Colin Watson's help into what I need to fix on
antimony for the trigger scripts. [1h]
* Re-spin the private image, *again*. [4h]
* Prod Emmet to push ubuntu-mid-default-settings into bzr, and seed it.
* Review treb and ume-announcer and rubber-stamp them, the first with
minor changes. [1h]
* Notice the fbreader merge on UUS, and note that it contains a change
that isn't needed any more. The change even made it fail on lpia, so
prepare an upload to correct it. Do it again to fix a bug, making the
diff tiny. [2h]
* Hacking scripts on antimony to handle mobile intrepid dailies. [4h]
* Working with James Troup to get the scripts deployed and working.
Give up during that session since ubuntu-mid needs clobbering to be
installable again. [30m]
* Sponsor a merge of gimp 2.4.7. [2h]
* Work on crowbarring ubuntu-mid to be installable. Fix
ubuntu-mid-default-settings to use the correct Depends, and end up
unseeding gstreamer-plugins -bad and -ugly. Also remove them from
gstreamer-dbus-media-service's Depends. Make some notes on how to clean
up the mess of Depends in ubuntu-mid and lower down the chain. [6h]
* Some NBS work.

************************************************** *******************
Emmet Hikory

Short Week: Ill on Tuesday

== Mobile ==
* Finish up ubuntu-mid-default-settings and get into the archive. This
replaces all the ume-config-* packages, and ought use the various
autodetection facilities that are in intrepid to create the right
* Review of ubuntu-moblie-default-settings which does the same thing
for the -mobile seed, only better.
* Coordination on some of the UNR packages and some of the outstanding
new packages from the PPA to determine if we wanted them, and if so, if
we wanted them in the shape we had them.
* Lots more learning about how the Ubuntu install process works, but
still not a working installer.
* Deeper review of image building, and confirmation that most of the
necessary hooks are there to make ubiquity work.

David Mandala <davidm at canonical dot com>
http://www.canonical.com/ Public Key id: 45B2D952
Murphy TX, 75094 +1.214.774.2569 O +1.972.693.4007 C

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