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Kjeldgaard Morten 01-11-2009 09:00 PM

Getting started wiki page (was: Hello there)

>> I volunteer to draft a new GettingStarted page, and I will collect
>> with
>> gratitude any contributions from this list or otherwise.
> Excellent.
> I'm happy to review, improve and discuss. The only thing I'd like
> MOTU/GettingStarted to be is
> - a concise landing page
> - that links to all the important pages (so we have one good answer
> and
> the new contributor one page to bookmark)
> - and gets people a sense of direction

I have now produced a draft page at
, incorporating all ideas contributed to me (the number is zero ;-)).

The main idea is to give a gentle introduction suited for the people
we meet on the mailing lists or IRC asking "Hi, I'm interested in
Ubuntu, how can I help out?".

The current introduction aims at steering people directly towards a
MOTU career, but I have adopted a completely different strategy in the
draft document. With this approach newcomers are taught:

* Launchpad
* Bug work and triaging
* The workflow of packages in Ubuntu
* How Ubuntu development is organized in the various teams
* The Ubuntu release model (not yet written)

The document includes practical exercises that gets people started
with various tasks that most of us use every day. People are invited
to join mailing lists and IRC, show up and ask questions, examine
various Launchpad pages etc.

It is always difficult to arrive at the right level of a training
document. However, even the most experienced developer does not
(necessarily) know how Ubuntu's bug flow works, and will benefit from
an introduction.

The document is a draft, with a lot of shortcomings and lacking
features, but it does outline an alternative educational approach that
I think could be useful and productive. Please feel free to add and/or
correct the Wiki document, so we as quickly as possible can start a
systematic and fruitful education of new Ubuntu enthusiasts with a
desire to help out!

> Agreed, though I'm not sure this should be in the MOTU namespace -
> what
> do you think?

Yes. I think the MOTU namespace should only contain material that is
strictly relevant to the MOTU team. We need a "howto become MOTU"
page; the current MOTU/GettingStarted perhaps needs some revision
based on the more granular training we now have with the new Ubuntu
Contributor team.


Morten Kjeldgaard <>
Ubuntu MOTU Developer
GPG Key ID: 404825E7

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James Westby 01-24-2009 01:00 AM

Getting started wiki page (was: Hello there)
On Sun, 2009-01-11 at 23:00 +0100, Kjeldgaard Morten wrote:
> I have now produced a draft page at
> , incorporating all ideas contributed to me (the number is zero ;-)).

Hi Morten,

Thanks for working on this, I think the page is great.

I'm not sure it should become the new GettingStarted page though, as in
the page that is the landing page for people interested in getting
started. It should certainly be a prominent link from that page though.

The reason for this is that the page is quite long, and leads you
through a journey to learn a lot. I think the landing page itself
should be quite short and focused, and just give a few links to the
basic information, and then point them to this page to get started.

Perhaps this should indeed be called the GettingStarted page, and we
should have the landing page be called something else, I'm not too
fussed, but I hope my point is clear.

Thanks again for working on this, it is quite an achievement.



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Siegfried-Angel 01-24-2009 11:46 AM

Getting started wiki page (was: Hello there)
Wow, nice. Some comments from having a quick look at it:

- It'd add a statement saying that changes on LP staging will be lost
(people may do something useful and the get annoyed that it got

- I don't think that the translation exercise is a good idea. There
are several language teams (like, for example, the Catalan one) who
have a workflow other than just "go to LP and translate" (in our case,
read an introduction on how to translate stuff -how to structure
sentences, which terminology to use, etc-, subscribe a ML, announce
there what you're working one and finally send the .po there for
review; suggestions from Launchpad are ignored in most cases, and they
are generally also of poor quality because those who wrote them didn't
read the guidelines).

Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT)
Ubuntu Developer. Debian Contributor.

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