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"Karl Ostmo" 07-19-2008 03:06 AM

revu signoff requested on package pyrocket
Hey all,
I'm trying to make it through the REVU process with a package I rolled from my own code.* I've had 3 reviewers make comments on it already, and I believe it's in good shape now - I just need to get 2 official sign-off's.

A little bit about the package - "pyrocket" is a PyGTK application that allows control of several models of the "USB Missile Launcher" that you can find on, among other places.* I've put a significant amount of work into reverse-engineering the USB codes needed to communicate bidirectionally with the device, and I'd like to save as many people as I can the trouble of doing this themselves.* My application is comparable to the existing Debian application "ahmissile", but in addition to being in Python rather than C++, it has much finer control over movement, and incorporates feedback from the device itself to avoid motor damage.* There are plans to incorporate computer vision into the next version.

After this makes it through the system, I hope to put my new packaging skills to use on many more Ubuntu applications!


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