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J Cord 03-24-2012 04:22 AM

Reply to request of input from Intel I7 Sandybridge Ubuntu 12.04 users. Kernel Crash
To Ubuntu kernel Team March 24, 2012** ( I hope this is the correct address to reply to, I right now don't recall where I saw the request maybe the weekly news letter, but I must hurry now and do something else please excuse me if this is not the correct email address.)


Kernel panic Ubuntu 12.04 with kernels
available after


i7 sandybrige intel 3000 graphic, no
pci graphics card.

16 gb ram 1333

gigabyte z68 motherboard with adward

Slightly overclocked to 3.5 ghz

I read or heard the kernel team was
seeking input from i7 Sandybridge users. I have not been able to
load 12.04 either Ubuntu or Xubuntu after kernel I have
done a complete check of hardware and firmware and all test normal.
All Gigabyte and Intel updates are current.

About Tuesday or Wednesday a kernel
update came down with other updates, those updates were applied, and
from that point on, up to including the kernel built by the kernel
team on this date (Mar, 24) System fails (See attached photo ) what
appears to me to be kernel panic. ( I downloaded the

3.3.13.-030213 kernel and installed
today thinking that may correct the problem. It did not.

I was still concerned that I had a
hardware problem, rechecked every last thing I know to check, and
proved hardware functioning normally. I then recalled that Fadora 17
alpha is using 3.3 kernel downloaded and it runs normally on the

This all leads me to believe that this
is an issue you may be interested in having feedback on.

I am including a jpg photo of the last
screen of output before lockup. ( if there is a log created at that point I have not
been able to locate it).

I am able to load the system with the
older kernel ( currently at 3.2.0-17 due to the fact I reinstalled
after the first crash thinking it was a hardware failure as in a bad
disk. That disk is running in a different machine now running
another OS. Therefor I used a install disk from March 1 12.04 that I had downloaded and had available, to
reinstall Ubuntu 12.04, hence the kernel 3.2.0-17. I assure you all
was running normally up to and including kernel 3.2.0-19.

I am including a screen shot of the
boot directory and the photo of the screen output .

Please note: I also downloaded the
latest daily and lastest available live. They both crash with the
same output. If you need more specific details on the hardware please advise.* I can supply it.

Best Wishes and I hope somehow this

J Cord (
P.S. I just finished a build of an I3 2125 with the intel graphics 3000 the live version Ubuntu 12.04 loaded to desktop just as would be expected .* Must just be an issue with I7 chip ( I am sure you already know that though).* Best Wishes and Good Luck.

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