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Tim Gardner 06-20-2011 04:25 PM

APPLIED: Bug 741825 (Broken recording/jack sense on recent ATI/AMD chipsets) - next step
On 05/27/2011 12:53 AM, David Henningsson wrote:

So, as some of you know, I've been working with bug 741825 for a while
and thanks to our OEM/HWE team we're now quite certain that running an
upstream snapshot of the alsa driver modules solves the problem. I'm now
trying to SRU this into Natty.

I'm attaching three fixes which I believe is what's needed to apply on
top of natty to fix this problem, but I'd like verification. Note that
nr 2 is to enable the Hudson chipset, which is also baked into this issue.

Testing is easiest done using the following procedure:

1) Start off with a fresh Natty install with nothing but natty-updates
installed. In particular, make sure the latest ALSA drivers are *not*
installed (modinfo snd-hda-codec should say

2) Install the attached deb and reboot.

3) Test both internal and external mic. Even though mics should
autoswitch for the three below (I think), make sure the right mic is
selected in gnome-volume-control so you control the volume of the right
input. Testing for a larger period of time doesn't hurt here, e g you
could leave gnome-volume-control on the input tab, go away a few
minutes, then come back and notice that the level bar is still moving
when you speak into the microphone.

4) When the above test is done, also test automute (speaker mutes when
headphones plugged in). This is something that could start to fail after
a while which is why this test should be done after the previous test.

5) If the machine does not work, please supply the output of "cat
/proc/interrupts" and an alsa-info (

If I'd make a wish, I'd like this to be tested on

* One or two machines with the SB700/SB800 chipset
* One or two machines with the Hudson chipset
* One or two machines with an older ATI chipset, as this might impact
them as well. This is to test for regressions, although I suspect that
we actually improve the situation for them as well.

Again, thanks for helping out!

Tim Gardner

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