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Andy Whitcroft 06-02-2010 01:07 PM

Wayland kernel requirements
As part of the desktop-maverick-easy-wayland-testing blueprint [1]
the kernel team had an action to check the kernel requirements for
supporting Wayland. Wayland being the nano-display server based on
openGL ES which is intended ito provide a frame perfect display system.
Experimentation on this platform as an underlying technology for display
and user handling is expected to be ongoing in the Maverick cycles.

Having reviewed the Wayland how-to's it appears that the requirements are
KMS for your card, plus the page flipping ioctl supported for your card.
The majority of this support was in 2.6.32, and there do not appear to
have been any fixes to this support since 2.6.34. We should therefore
have all of the required kernel support at release based on us releasing
with 2.6.35 as our default kernel.



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